Fuel Fix

A contractor closes a valve on a tanker truck at a Range Resources hydraulic fracturing operation in Pennsylvania. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Pa. proposes gas drilling health advisory panel

A Pennsylvania politician wants to create an advisory panel to examine possible health issues related to Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling.  More »
The Sumas Pump Station and Terminal loacted in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Both facilities route crude oil from the Trans Mountain Pipeline mainline into Washington State via KMC's Puget Sound pipeline system. The terminal contains six storage tanks with an overall volume of 103,000 cubic meters  or 650,000 barrels. (Trans Mountain)

Crude supplies climb from 82-year high in analyst survey

U.S. crude inventories probably rose from a 82-year high as domestic output remained near the most in two decades and demand fell, a Bloomberg survey showed.  More »
Cameron Wallace is coordinating Helix Energy Solutions outreach efforts in the Caribbean.

Guest Commentary: Safeguards needed as Latin America expands offshore energy efforts

Cameron Wallace, coordinating Helix Energy Solutions outreach efforts in the Caribbean, says the United States should help its Latin American neighbors establish safety measures for offshore development.  More »
Bold Nebraska Executive Director Jane Kleeb figures she travels the state’s back roads at least twice a week to tell residents that if they stick together, they can stop the Keystone XL pipeline. Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Keystone pipeline nemesis leads charge from her family minivan

Jane Kleeb takes her Honda Odyssey across the highways and back roads of Nebraska to deliver a simple message: the oil pipeline can be stopped.  More »

U.S. lowers forecast for summer 2013 gasoline prices

The Energy Information Administration lowered its forecast for summer 2013 gasoline prices.  More »
Welltec's Well Cutter

OTC Spotlight Award: Welltec’s pipe cutter eliminates cleanup

The Well Cutter, a new pipe-cutting tool from Welltec, is gaining a reputation for a polished cut that alleviates the need for further smoothing operations, saving operators valuable time and money in the field.  More »
View of a drilling rig exploring for shale gas in the eastern Polish village of Grzebowilk on April 27, 2011. Initial estimates suggest Poland has huge reserves of shale gas and authorities in Warsaw hope development of the sector could boost national energy security. (JANEK SKARZYNSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Poland’s shale gas hopes suffer blow

News that Talisman Energy Inc. is pulling out of exploration for shale gas in Poland is a blow to the country’s hopes that its deposits of the hydrocarbon will soon cut its dependence on Russian supplies and support the weakening economy.  More »
A 15K Enhanced Vertical Deepwater Tree also EVDT at the FMC Technologies booth at OTC 2013 at Reliant Park Tuesday, May 7, 2013, in Houston. ( James Nielsen / Houston Chronicle )

Equipment firms feel pressure as deep-water work heats up

These conditions were deemed too difficult to drill in even 10 years ago, but now are considered the next frontier among many of the oil industry experts gathered at Reliant Park for the Offshore Technology Conference.  More »
(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Anti-fracking amendment rejected in NE Ohio city

Voters on Tuesday rejected a proposal to ban hydraulic fracturing in a northeast Ohio city where disposal of wastewater from the drilling method led to earthquakes and alleged groundwater contamination.  More »
A Village Marine Tec. model DW-6000-DP water maker at the Green Marine booth during OTC 2013 at Reliant Park Tuesday, May 7, 2013, in Houston. ( James Nielsen / Houston Chronicle )

Salty sea yields a fresh drink of water

The same platforms that produce oil also turn seawater into freshwater by filtering it through fine membranes in a complex process called reverse osmosis.  More »
Carlos Tadeu da Costa Fraga, executive manager for pre-salt exploration and production for Brazil's Petrobras, spoke during a luncheon Tuesday at the Offshore Technology Conference about the company's growing success in the challenging geology. (Eric Kayne/Houston Chronicle)

Day 2 at OTC was all around the world

The Offshore Technology Conference’s international character came into focus Tuesday as Petrobras predicted big growth from reservoirs in Brazil, China outlined its long-term plans for harnessing shale gas and France’s Total touted the success of a massive 49-well project off Angola.  More »
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Government postpones oil, gas lease auctions in California

The decision came after a federal judge ruled last month that BLM had violated a key environmental law.  More »