Fuel Fix

Oil gushes from BP's Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico on July 12, 2010. (AP Photo/BP)

Feds challenge lawyer for former BP exec, say he may have conflict in Gulf spill case

Federal prosecutors say an attorney for a former BP executive charged with lying to Congress about how much oil was flowing after BP’s Gulf of Mexico well blew out in 2010 may have a conflict of interest that could prevent him from representing his client.  More »
Shoppers at the Offshore Technology Conference pick out shirts. (Eric Kayne/Houston Chronicle)

The power of the OTC logo

It’s polite to bring a gift back to your colleagues, Nigerian businessman Innocent Obande, who attended the Offshore Technology Conference this week. And nothing says success and power more than something with the OTC logo.  More »
Discoverer Seven Seas, a Transocean rig.

Transocean profit climbs as demand rises for rigs

Net income climbed to $321 million.  More »
A man looks over immersion suits on display the the Viking Life-Saving Equipment booth during OTC 2013 at Reliant Park Tuesday, May 7, 2013, in Houston. ( James Nielsen / Houston Chronicle )

Want to evacuate? Use this equipment

A full-size offshore evacuation chute is drawing a consistent stream of stares and questions from OTC attendees passing by Viking Life-Saving Equipment AS’s front-row booth.  More »
Eivind Sundel, left, helps Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, run a drilling simulator as she toured the exhibition floor during the Offshore Technology Conference. (Brett Coomer / Houston Chronicle)

Interior secretary to oil industry: Don’t throw regulators under the bus

During a closed-door meeting with oil industry leaders on the sidelines of the Offshore Technology Conference, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell pleaded for cooperation and a little understanding, as federal drilling regulators aim to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology.  More »

In Style: Forgetting a hyphen can land you in deep water

OTC attendees hear a lot about deep water and about deep-water drilling. How come one has a hyphen and the other doesn’t?  More »
A 15K Enhanced Vertical Deepwater Tree also EVDT at the FMC Technologies booth at OTC 2013 at Reliant Park Tuesday, May 7, 2013, in Houston. ( James Nielsen / Houston Chronicle )

The coolest technology we’ve seen at OTC

From thermal-vision cameras to massive deep-water “Christmas trees,” check out some of our favorite technology from the Offshore Technology Conference.  More »
ABB's Onboard DC-Grid increases fuel efficiency and reduces overall vessel weight.

OTC Spotlight Award: ABB technology optimizes vessels’ fuel use

ABB’s new Onboard DC-Grid — the first exclusively direct-current system in the industry — could fix inefficient electricity delivery while vessels are in dynamic position.  More »
Reliant Stadium

Companies offer high-class hospitality stadium-style

Hospitality suites at the Reliant Stadium offer an exclusive option for business conversations apart from the bustle of the main OTC floor.  More »
BP Gulf Coast Restoration Organization President Mike Utsler speaks during day three of the Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Center Wednesday, May 8, 2013, in Houston. (Cody Duty / Houston Chronicle)

BP exec tells OTC audience about lessons learned in Gulf spill response

Even as BP continues to fight litigation that could result in it having to pay billions of dollars more in fines and damages stemming from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a senior company official says the British oil giant has already gone “above and beyond” what the law requires.  More »
Lee Tillman, vice president, engineering, ExxonMobil Development Company, gives a presentation on large-scale projects in the Arctic at OTC 2013 Wednesday, May 8, 2013, in Houston. ( Brett Coomer / Houston Chronicle )

Megaprojects change countries, but breed trouble

There is a growing number of oil megaprojects in the world that are so huge that they transform national economies and educational systems. But their size and complexity has led to costly problems.  More »
Annell Bay

Guest Commentary: Technology leads to abundant energy

Annell R. Bay, vice president of global exploration for Marathon Oil Corp., calls on the industry to commit to safe operations and to support math and science education, in order to optimize the modern U.S. energy revolution.  More »