Capitolizing on Energy

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Congress, The President, and The Myth of Gas Price Control

The outlet This Week features an article by former White House reporter Paul Brandus (“Why You’re Wrong About Gas Prices And Politics”) that addresses some popularly held myths. Two deserve comment because they create myths about myths. The first myth deals with one about how much power presidents have over gas prices. Brandus rightly makes […]  More »

Implications of EPA Court Ruling on Regulatory Reform

For decades, Administrations and Congresses have periodically raised the issue of regulatory reform. For the most part, however, reform efforts have been piecemeal and incomplete. Practically every President since Eisenhower has issued Executive Orders designed to make regulations more efficient, cost-effective, and based on a sound factual foundation. And in 1996, Congress even passed the […]  More »

Senate Fails to Target 90 More Profitable US Industries For Tax Hike Aimed At Oil

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has once again introduced legislation to increase taxes on oil and gas companies. This same measure was rejected in the upper house last May, but has been a key campaign talking point for President Obama as he looks to deflect the fury of angry drivers faced with rising gas prices. […]  More »

Gas Price History Lesson: Drop in U.S. Drilling & Rising Energy Costs

An AP “Fact Check” released earlier this month claimed that domestic drilling doesn’t drop gas prices, stating: A statistical analysis of 36 years of monthly, inflation –adjusted, gasoline prices and U.S. domestic oil production by the Associated Press shows no statistical correlation between how much oil comes out of U.S. wells and the price at […]  More »

Energy Engineers: Uncle Sam Wants You

If one were selecting a college major based on employment outlook and future income, the choice would be a no-brainer. While nearly half of all recent college grads are “malemployed” or unemployed, those with engineering training are guaranteed job placement with good pay. Employers are falling over themselves to hire new grads that have the […]  More »

Lies, Damn Lies, and Obama’s Energy Statistics

American writer Darrell Huff intended his bestselling 1954 book to serve as a “primer in ways to use statistics to deceive.” He justified its purpose, explaining “the crooks already know these tricks; honest men must learn them in self-defense.” Nearly 60 years later, the term “crooks” could well be interchangeable with “politicians.” And the most […]  More »

Environmental Group Backs State Regulation of Fracking

Charged with ensuring that hydraulic fracturing done within their borders is safe for the environment, states across the nation have shown America they are up to the task. For example, Texas recently instituted strong disclosure laws for operators. New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation has spent over three years preparing a comprehensive plan to ensure […]  More »

Carter Administration’s Role in Natural Gas Boom

In his State of the Union address, President Obama cited federal support of shale gas technologies to defend his spending on green energy. Around the same time, an organization called the Breakthrough Institute published a study claiming that the federal government, not private industry, should get credit for the shale boom. These combined announcements provoked […]  More »

What the Heartland Response Reveals About Climate Activists

A reporter for a national newspaper covering the reaction to the stolen Heartland Institute documents asked me: Why does the question of climate change science matter so much to conservatives? Why do they fight these battles with liberals and scientists so fiercely, when no one on the national level is suggesting nationwide limits on greenhouse […]  More »

With Oil Prices Forecast to Reach $147 A Barrel, Experts Examine Energy Policy

The George C. Marshall Institute recently hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill to examine what we’ve learned from the past 40 years of energy policy. Panelists—including Karen Harbert, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy; Lucian Pugliaresi, President at the Energy Policy Research Foundation; and Mark Mills, founder […]  More »

Heartland Emails Address Politics, Not Merits of Arguments

Mainstream media had something of a field day last week over alleged leaked documents from the Heartland Institute that purport to show the organization’s funding sources and its 2012 strategy. After reading at least a half a dozen articles about these leaked documents, I was left wondering: so what? The implication is that the source […]  More »

SEC Oil Rule Jeopardizes US Competitiveness

The Obama Administration is once again showcasing its inability to understand issues concerning American competitiveness in the global marketplace, as well as its hostility toward U.S. oil companies. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with the encouragement of the President and many of his Congressional allies, is finalizing a new regulation requiring domestic companies to […]  More »

GM Unplugs from Business Realities with Chevy Volt Re-Launch

General Motors just announced that it is going to relaunch its Chevrolet Volt. To paraphrase a down south saying, you can put a dress and lipstick on a dog, but it’s still a dog. The Volt, like the EV-1 before it, is a car that is not ready for prime time and is a monument […]  More »

Debate Over Need To Panic About Global Warming

Last month, the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal feature a column signed by 16 scientists—a group of distinguished physicists and engineers—which challenged the conventional wisdom of an impending climate catastrophe. Its authors made the case that there are no compelling scientific arguments support the calls made by activists and politicians for drastic action […]  More »

Pulitzer Prize Winner Plugs Science Education As Energy Solution

Daniel Yergin is the preeminent energy historian of our time. He won a Pulitzer with his 1991 book, The Prize. And he may very well get another with his latest tome, The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World. For anyone interested in the factors that lead to how our current energy […]  More »