Capitolizing on Energy

Views on D.C. energy and politics with William O’Keefe

The Anti-Environment Environmentalists

No matter what our political orientation, we are all environmentalists and the spectrum of our environmental beliefs runs from pale to dark green.  The dark green environmentalists are often characterized as zealots. It is not unfair to assert that many, if not most, who are characterized as environmental zealots use the environment as a Trojan […]  More »

The Geopolitical Implications of the Natural Gas Boom

There has been a great deal of attention given to the oil and gas renaissance taking place in the United States.  Technology advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have led to a boom in natural gas production that has spurred investment, job growth, and the potential for significant export opportunities. The benefits of these […]  More »

Divorce Court and Public Policy

Columnist and author Bob Woodward recently observed about Congress and the White House that we have a situation that is like permanently being in divorce course with no settlement on who gets the kids. Every day that goes by it is clear that more gridlock is the likely future for important legislation and on other […]  More »

Restricting Trade: No Bad Deed will Go Unpunished

The US exports about $1.5 trillion dollars in good each year.  These exports include machinery, electronics, vehicles, aircraft, medical equipment, precious metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agricultural products.  In recent years, exports have represented 10% of our gross domestic product.  According to the Department of Commerce, they support over 10 million jobs.  So, why would politicians […]  More »

Ethanol: Punishing the Poor

It has been established over the past 4-5 years that the ethanol mandate has caused a rise in food prices.  This is a result of a decline in global corn production, the diversion of corn from food to ethanol, and the Energy Policy Act of 2007, which sets annual volumetric targets for ethanol use between […]  More »

Who is the Denier and in Denial?

A recent letter in the Huffington Post—12-03-12  Chevron and Me– by the founder of Fenton Communications, a PR  firm for the far left ideology, accused the CEO of Chevron of being a denier on climate change because he answered a question by stating that the world had no choice but to burn fossil energy since […]  More »

Annual Conference of Global Hypocrites

Each year at this time 10,000 to 20,000 people gather at some plush international site to discuss an impending climate apocalypse at some distant point in time.  This year, the meeting COP-18 is being held in Doha, Qatar.  It is ironic that so many people who want to suppress the use of fossil energy are […]  More »

Liberating an Energy Hostage

Over the past few years, media and public attention has focused more on domestic energy issues than some important energy challenges and opportunities overseas.  We have seen a major turn around in domestic oil and gas production resulting from advances in technology.  As a result our energy security has increased immensely.  But, that is not […]  More »

Markets Work

Canada has become an even more important  producer of oil as a result of  the recent growth in its production from  vast deposits of oil sands.  Over the past few years, Canada has become the leading supplier of oil imports to the US.  Some project North American energy independence within a decade as a result […]  More »

The Green Trifecta Give Away

With this week’s announcement that battery manufacturer A123 has filed for Chapter 11, we have another example of a failed government industrial policy boondoggle.  First, Solyndra, then Fisker Motors, and now A123.  Of course, other green companies who fed at the public trough have gone under as well but this 3 have received the most […]  More »

“Rigidifying” Climate Policy

In her book, March of Folly, the late historian Barbara Tuchman coined the terms “mental standstill” and “rigidifying” to describe a state  “where principles … governing a problem are fixed and then made rigid when dissonances and failing begin to appear.  This is the period when … rethinking, and change of course are possible”.  Instead, […]  More »

Politics: the hobgoblin of clear thinking

If foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, what is foolish inconsistency?  In politics, it probably is the hobgoblin of clear thinking and candor. The President has made campaign comment after comment about the need to eliminate oil imports and if not eliminate them cut them in half by 2020.  He has gone on […]  More »

Taxes, Tolls and Politics

It is usually refreshing when a political promise is kept, but when prevailing circumstances and economics justify making a change, a pledge can be taken too far. Absolutes in politics can lead to unintended consequences.  Rather than trust citizens to understand and accept circumstantial changes, politicians often just remain dogmatic. The anti-tax position of Virginia […]  More »

Oil Industry Profits: Debunking Statistical Lies

In 1954, Darrell Huff wrote How to Lie with Statistics, a primer on ways to use statistics to deceive.  Much earlier, Mark Twain counseled journalists: “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.”  The Center for American Progress (CAP) has recently demonstrated that it knows how to skillfully […]  More »

Don’t Let Panic Dictate Climate Policy

Early on in the Obama Administration, former chief of staff and now mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, asserted, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”  Well, it is now clear that climate alarmists took his counsel to heart.  A prolonged heat spell, some extreme weather, and a new report from a well-respected […]  More »