Building Hydrocarbon Bonds

David Vaucher writes about creating bonds within and outside of the energy business.

Wearable technology in oil & gas: don’t be so hung up on the hardware!

A few weeks back I wrote a piece addressing some of the early skepticism some people have had with regards to using Google Glass for applications in oil & gas fields. I’ve gotten a few more similar comments (again focused on the possibility of a transmitting device such as Glass setting off other pieces of equipment, such as explosive wireline charges), so I thought I would elaborate more on why I’m optimistic about wearable technology transferring over to the oil & gas industry.  More »

Community colleges leading the charge to educate the next generation of oilfield workers

This past week I had the privilege of speaking at the Spring Summit for an organization called UPSTART 360, which aims to bring together HR professionals in the oil & gas industry to tackle some of the toughest staffing problems companies face today. I spoke at one session, giving some outlooks for hiring trends in the field of petroleum engineering, but the session that really made an impact on me was one I chaired that same day, on partnerships between the educational system and industry to train the next generation of oilfield workers.  More »

Four attributes young professionals should develop to become leaders in the oil & gas industry

Becoming a recognized thought leader in the oil & gas industry is a long-term goal of mine, and I think that if the industry is to earn more goodwill from the general public, it will require the work of honest, dedicated leaders, so the topic of leadership is important to me personally.  More »
We think field engineers should move beyond paper tally books (Photo:

The first example of a “killer app” for Google Glass in the oil & gas industry? (video)

My first project with Google Glass applied to the oil & gas industry was a simple demonstration of some of the information engineers could potentially pull up in the field.  A few weeks ago I gave a demonstration of a related project I’m working on in my free time, called “the Digital Tally Book”.  I […]  More »

3 month update for my “One Year Challenge”

It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearly 25% done with 2014; pretty soon they’ll have the Christmas decorations out…kidding (but probably not…)! As they say, time flies when you’re busy or having fun, and I’ve been both:  very involved at work, and having fun pursuing my “One Year Challenge”. For those of you who […]  More »

Juggling family and field work when considering how to start an oil & gas career

Achieving proper work/life balance is tough. Achieving that balance when your life involves a family you have to take care of and when you your career involves long trips to remote field locations is even tougher. To the extent that field work is in my opinion necessary for any young technical professional starting out their career in oil & gas, how does one weigh up the future benefits of this work with the current personal costs?  More »

Android Wear an important step for wearable technology in the oil & gas industry

A few weeks back I wrote a piece on how smart watches could play just as important a role as Google Glass in bringing wearable technology to the oil & gas fields. Unfortunately, adoption of these smart watches has so far been slow, due to limited functionality and a fragmented set of platforms on which […]  More »

Working in oil & gas shouldn’t just be about the money

I know doctors do very well, but I would rather do math and physics than biology, and I dislike the sight of blood. I knew that going back to high school, so pursuing a career in medicine just for the money would have been disastrous for me.  More »

MBA or MS: which one will help a reader pursue their dream of working in upstream oil & gas in the US?

This column is not the place to make a statement about the general immigration debate that is going on now, but I will say that while some may view the oil & gas industry as a negative contributor to society, I would argue that it actually does play a very positive role in bringing extremely skilled, highly motivated people into the US, who in turn give back a lot to their local communities (for instance higher than average levels of spending which supports local businesses, and volunteerism sponsored by their employers).  More »

Marrying tablets and Google Glass to increase the efficiency of oil & gas field operations (video)

For these reasons, I have started to program what I’m calling for now a “Digital Tally Book”; eventually it will be a standalone application for field engineers, as well as an easy way to send relevant content to the Google Glass device.  More »

Coursework is the fastest way to transition into the oil & gas industry

There is no “magic bullet”: finding a new job is hard enough, and it becomes even tougher if that desired new job is in an industry you’re unfamiliar with, let alone a highly technical and complex one such as oil & gas.  More »

Where should a Young Professional in oil & gas apply to business school?

Today, I help a reader who has decided to make the leap to business school, but is apprehensive about where to apply.  More »
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