Building Hydrocarbon Bonds

David Vaucher writes about creating bonds within and outside of the energy business.

Microsoft, Lebron James, Greatness and Career Security

In just the past 10 days or so, two completely opposite yet totally related sequences of events took place which perfectly illustrate how you should carry yourself and think about your professional career if you wish to maximize your job security.  More »

The importance of pursuing industry-recognized licenses and certifications

Career advancement comes from developing both your soft skills and your technical ones, and industry certifications are a fantastic way of developing and proving the latter.  More »

Furthering your education while you work in oil & gas? Before you start, here’s what you should know

You’ve done some great work in the oil & gas industry, but you get that feeling that you really need some more education (an MBA, a technical Master’s) not only to bolster your own skill set, but also signal to your colleagues and managers that you’ve got the credentials necessary for that “next level”.  More »

Technical or managerial track? A common dilemma for young professionals…

The dilemma is one I hear often from young professional engineers in the oil & gas industry: should I pursue a technical track or a managerial track, and should I pursue either with an operator or a service company?  More »
Jobs in cold, muddy conditions - like this WORKOVER JOB on a WORKOVER RIG in Canada - are THE. WORST.

For some people, the “Great Crew Change” can’t come fast enough

Because people like this are EXACTLY why accidents continue to happen in the oilfield.  More »

3 lessons the medical establishment can learn from the oil & gas industry

My dad’s fight with cancer really changed my thinking about how I approached my career, relations with my family and friends, and aspects of the oil & gas industry I’d never considered very much, namely the health of its workforce. One aspect I HAVE considered at length is that of the safety of the workforce:  […]  More »

Update on the Digital Tallybook project (video)

Eventually I would like to create what I call a “closed loop” solution, whereby things like job procedures are stored in the cloud, an engineer can download those to and modify them on a tablet, and beam them to a wearable device.  More »

The oil & gas industry has a culture of safety, what about a culture of health?

Make no mistake, working in this industry is, for many people – I’m thinking here of field personnel specifically – not just a job but actually a lifestyle: it can become all-consuming, to the point where one submits completely to their work and a return from the field signifies not a return to normal life, but just a temporary pause in the work cycle.  More »
In the end, all you have left is your family.

Tribute to Dad

Health, family, and friends. Those can be fleeting things, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  More »

Participating in Houston’s thriving startup scene

To me, that’s the selling point: if you want to work on meaningful problems with very large impacts, Houston’s a great place to be, not only because the biggest potential customers are here, but also because you have ample resources at your disposal.  More »

Want to transition into the oil & gas industry? Here’s how

Every week, several readers ask me the question: “How can I transition into the oil & gas industry?” Each reader asks that question slightly differently though, because contrary to what you might think, not everyone is looking to become a petroleum engineer. Indeed, the oil & gas industry needs many types of professionals to deliver its products to end users, from finance experts to people with marketing skill sets.  More »

In the oil & gas industry, there should be no such thing as an “accident”

The “safety first” message extends – at least in theory – out to the field, where every new engineer and roughneck is constantly told “there’s no such thing as a small incident”, or “if you can’t do it safely, it’s not worth doing”.  More »
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