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Commentary: A chilling regulatory climate

Late last year a second major oil company was forced to abandon plans to drill in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Alaska – and irresponsible, high-fiving anti-development activists, most of whom live thousands of miles away and will not be affected, could not be more thrilled. But for those who live close by, the ones […]
Cheap oil means $1.6 billion in gas savings for Christmas

The Top Five Energy Stories of 2015

Delayed infrastructure projects, industry concerns over free falling oil prices, mounting excessive and duplicative regulations, and ongoing partisan battles topped the list of energy headlines for 2014. It also topped the list of energy headlines for 2015. But while the plotlines were the same, the details and storylines changed considerably this year. That’s because this […]
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Protecting Royalty Owners Helps Protect the Economy

By David Holt and Jerry Simmons Royalty payments are critical to the prosperity and sustainability of local, state, and federal governments across the nation, especially in Texas. Oil and gas royalties reportedly pay an average of $865 million per year to The Lone Star State. Most of those payments go into a fund for public […]
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A worker walks under a road of pipelines at the Petroleos Mexicanos Miguel Hidalgo oil refinery in Tula de Allende, Mexico, on Thursday, March. 6, 2013. Susana Gonzalez /Bloomberg

Commentary: California’s recent gasoline import surge – and how TAPS can help

Earlier this year, during a five-month timespan, gasoline imports in California increased more than 10 times above their typical level, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said. The reason, officials said, was the Feb. 18 explosion at a refinery in Torrance, Calif. The facility, a vital source of gasoline and distillate fuels, has the capacity to […]

Commentary: The Skills Gap – And What We Can All Do About It

According to the Department of Labor, about 8 million Americans were unemployed in September, with countless more underemployed. You’d think it’d be rather easy for many employers to fill job openings with that many people job hunting. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy.  Hundreds of thousands of job openings that require basic proficiency in […]

Legal Challenges to Clean Power Plan Down (slightly), But Not Out

Earlier this month, three Federal judges declined review of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule restricting carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants – also known as the ‘Clean Power Plan.’ And like most politically charged court decisions, some declared ‘victory’ for the Obama Administration and the EPA. The truth is that the court declined […]
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For Texas, Energy Efficiency Presents an Opportunity

Energy efficiency might not be the first thing to come to mind when using the words “energy” and “Texas” in the same sentence. As Texans, we’re justifiably proud our state’s status as the largest producer of oil, natural gas and wind energy in the nation, and its our electricity costs are below average; and yet […]
President Barack Obama arrives to speak on March 22, 2012 at the TransCanada Stillwater pipe yard in Cushing, Oklahoma. (AFP PHOTO/Mandel Ngan)

Federal Permitting Reform Should Apply to Keystone XL

The six-year long debate over Keystone XL has unfortunately moved way beyond a discussion about the merits of this particular project and become a proxy for discourse on other public policies, including the direction of U.S. energy policy, action on climate change, energy security and regulatory certainty for private companies. While the politics of the […]
Northstar facility on the North Slope of Alaska. (BP)

The Great Alaska Shut-Out

The “great Alaska shut-out” may be how future generations describe Sunday’s announcement on ANWR – the most recent salvo in a series of unilateral federal actions to close Alaskan energy development. Closing large areas of federal land and waters in Alaska to oil and natural gas development limits the energy potential of Alaska, deprives the […]
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Arctic Energy is Critical in Lone Star Country

As Texans like to point out, we could be considered a country unto ourselves. Fiercely independent and always willing to celebrate our distinctive status, we have lots of reasons to brag. That said, Texas also has a unique relationship with Alaska, which may not be obvious to all of us who live in this great […]
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