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Will a New Energy Reform be Possible with the Coming Back of PRI’s Bosses?

This post was written by Isidro Morales, Professor at the Santa Fe campus of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) in Mexico City. Most probably, on December 1st, Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN), the presidential candidate of PRI party, will become the new Mexican president for a six year term. The PRI […]  More »

US LNG Exports May Not Have Large Price Impact, But Could Create Significant Commercial Risks for Companies

This post was written by Kenneth B. Medlock III, the James A. Baker, III, and Susan G. Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics at the Baker Institute Energy Forum. US domestic price impacts of LNG exports have been overblown and their commercial risks understated, a new report by the Baker Institute concludes. The report […]  More »

Will the Drought Also Cause the Renewable Fuels Standard to Shrivel?

This post was written by James Coan, research associate at the Baker Institute Energy Forum. In the wake of the record drought affecting much of the country, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released on Friday an extremely pessimistic paper projecting much lower production of corn and soybeans this year. The report is sure to […]  More »

North Dakota Overtakes Alaska

This post was written by James Coan, Research Associate at the Baker Institute Energy Forum. While we’re in Alaska, we keep hearing the same joke that if Alaska were split in two, Texas would be the third largest state. It turns out that when it comes to oil production, there’s a new state that’s fallen […]  More »

Portugal Pursues Strategic Vision Beyond Austerity

As a continent, Europe has been a global leader in climate policy, international conflict resolution, and global security. But Europe now stands at a difficult crossroads: it faces the task of revitalizing faltering economies and resolving a global debt crisis. Portugal, a global leader in renewable energy, is a particularly interesting case in which national […]  More »

Iran and (Temporarily) Lower Gasoline Prices

As Memorial Day and the summer driving season approach, American drivers can take to heart –albeit temporarily – that gasoline prices are slightly lower than they were at this time last year. Gasoline prices are also less than they were at this time in 2008, the year when prices spiked above $4/gallon. The AAA Daily […]  More »

The Spoils of Oil – Oil’s Divisive Influence: The Case of Iraq

The future economic security of Iraq rests upon the management of its natural resources, but a festering dispute between the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan and the central government in Baghdad threatens to destabilize more than just Iraq’s economy, according to an article published in The Majalla last week on “Oil’s Divisive Influence: The Case […]  More »
Industry and environmental interests are debating whether efforts to reduce smog would increase greenhouse gas emissions.  (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Guest Column: Vehicle emissions standards are a regulatory success story

Recent estimates from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) show that emissions of air pollutants that harm human health in the Houston region are falling dramatically.  More »

Wind Developers Have Same Problems as Keystone XL

This post was written by Lavanya Sunder, who worked as an at the Baker Institute Energy Forum and is now a senior at Lamar High School. One of the most prominent arguments against expanded oil and natural gas drilling and major infrastructure projects like Keystone XL is that the United States should for environmental reasons […]  More »

Opportunities and Challenges Lie Ahead for Liberia’s Nascent Oil Sector

The recent announcement of the discovery of oil off the coast of Liberia has spurred widespread public interest and international engagement. Re-elected for her second term in January 2012, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the first female president in Africa and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011. Much is at stake for […]  More »

Expand the SEMATECH Approach to Solar

I participated last week on a panel at the New York Times Energy For Tomorrow conference in New York City. My session, the Closing Plenary, which you can watch here, focused on the issue of energy subsidies. Our session chair, Joe Nocera, queried whether it made sense to subsidize all of our different energy sources. […]  More »

Smart Parking Solutions to Reduce Congestion and Oil Use

This post was written by Kathleen Barker, intern at the Baker Institute Energy Forum The days of free parking may be numbered. In a world where rapid urbanization and climate change are raising awareness of the high costs of traffic congestion, Citibank and IBM announced this week that they are joining forces to provide financing […]  More »

Young Americans Are Driving Dramatically Less – Will It Continue?

This post was written by James Coan, Research Associate at the Baker Institute Energy Forum. Americans under 40 are driving dramatically less, according to data from the National Household Travel Survey. The question is: Is car culture in America waning generationally or is this a temporary phenomenon linked to the recession? The recession hit younger […]  More »

The US and Saudi Arabia: A Renewed Partnership on Oil Markets?

On gasoline prices, President Obama is starting to learn the lesson of his predecessors. The quickest way to lower gasoline prices is by calling on Saudi Arabia. For three decades, US presidents have called on Saudi Arabia to get them out of an oil price bind. Saudi Arabia helped President Ronald Reagan get a leg […]  More »

Terrorism and Media: A Britney Spears-Like Symbiosis

Reports that the French gunman responsible for this week’s heinous terrorist crime was wearing a video camera raise disturbing new questions about the future of ongoing symbiotic links between terrorism and media. In her play Our House, the playwright Theresa Rebeck (creator of the new hit show Smash) offers a bold and possibly insightful explanation […]  More »
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