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White Stallion Energy Center

Allison Sliva, Chairman of the No Coal Coaliton, at an opposition rally in Bay City, Texas. ( Karen Warren / Houston Chronicle )

Steffy: A White Stallion falls in the mud…

Developers of the White Stallion Energy Center, a coal plant slated for construction in Matagorda County, Texas, have officially thrown in the towel, the latest in a string of coal projects that have fallen victim to market forces.
(Photo: Ano Lobb/Flickr)

Proposed coal plant changes cooling plans

Operators of a proposed coal-fired power plant in Matagorda County announced Thursday that they will drop their request for a 40-year water contract with the Lower Colorado River Authority, opting instead for a more expensive but less water-intensive technology.
A power plant on the Tradinghouse Creek Reservoir near Hallsburg, Texas. The plant was owned by Luminant but taken offline in 2010. (Photo: Flickr/srv0)

New power plant could be built in Bay City

An executive for a company planning to build a coal-fired power plant in Southeast Texas says the company will change how it would cool the plant, allowing it to operate with trillions of less gallons of water annually.
Bay City resident, Dr. Robert Malina stands by a large "Stop White Stallion Coal Plant" on his property in Bay City, where The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is set to approve the proposed White Stallion Energy Center, a coal-fired power plant, in Matagorda County over the objections of local officials and residents.  ( Karen Warren / Houston Chronicle )

Water deal vote for coal-fired power plant near Houston spiked

A water authority board has canceled a vote on a proposed deal to provide water to a proposed coal-fired power plant 90 miles southwest of Houston.
Lake Buchanan, one of the Texas' Highland Lakes (Photo: Lower Colorado River Authority)

Power plant in Matagorda Co. gains in water fight

The Lower Colorado River Authority says there is enough water, even in dry times, for a proposed coal-fired power plant in Matagorda County — a finding that all but removes one of the last hurdles for the controversial project.