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Trucks triumph in 2014 as cheap fuel frees U.S. consumers

Consumers bought more pickups, minivans and sport utility vehicles than cars in every month of 2014.  More »

Cheap gas likely to spur greater truck sales

The pitch for alternative fuel vehicles has become a lot more difficult.  More »

Natural gas vehicles show ‘phenomenal growth’ in China

When it comes to running vehicles on natural gas, China appears more interested than the United States.  More »

Researchers: Natural gas vehicles will see rapid rise globally through 2023

The number of light-duty vehicles running on natural gas will more than double over the next decade to 39.8 million traveling on roads worldwide, according to a new report by research firm Navigant.  More »

Obama to talk up benefits of fuel-efficient trucks

President Barack Obama says having a more fuel-efficient truck fleet will boost the economy and help combat climate change.  More »

Portable LNG system could solve oil field refueling problems

Some energy companies have started moving water and sand to oil fields on trucks powered by natural gas, but refueling them can sometimes be a challenge.  More »

Houston firm moves into Eagle Ford with trucking buys

Houston-based Leslie Doggett Industries has acquired multiple South Texas heavy equipment and truck companies for $30 million.  More »

Fuel-cell company wins federal funding to boost range of electric trucks

Plug Power Inc., a maker of fuel-cells for warehouse forklifts, rose to a 32-month high after winning U.S. Energy Department funding to adapt its systems to extend the range of electric trucks.  More »

UPS putting $50M on more natural gas

UPS will spend $50 million to build nine new liquefied natural gas refueling stations over the next year, including one in Houston, the company said this week.  More »

Chesapeake’s role in natural gas vehicles to fade

Chesapeake Energy Corp’s move to lay off its natural gas vehicles team could deal a significant blow to efforts to promote the alternative vehicle fuel.  More »

GMC vehicles cost the most to fuel, analysis says

GMC vehicles cost more per mile of driving than other vehicles, according to research from GasBuddy, a consumer-oriented fuel price information service.  More »

Truck company shows off natural gas-fueled big rigs

Ryder showed off some of its latest models of fuel efficient and natural gas-powered trucks while discussing the potential of the new vehicles at a symposium in Houston Tuesday.  More »

Halliburton expanding natural gas use

Halliburton is expanding its use of natural gas to fuel its vehicles and engines, with the addition of 100 trucks that can run on compressed natural gas.  More »

Drilling waste finds new use

A Texas company has found a way to turn oil field trash into something useful — roads and new drilling pads.  More »

Diesel and hybrid vehicle registrations surge

Clean diesel car and SUV registrations jumped 24 percent over the last three years, despite a weak economy, the DIesel Technology Forum said this week.  More »
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