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ERCOT warns of possible rolling blackouts this winter, next summer

Last winter’s rolling blackouts in Texas and the summer’s near-blackouts could occur again in the coming year if extreme weather stresses the power grid more than normal, the state’s grid operator said Thursday.  More »

Hot weekend means Texans need to conserve power

A blazing hot weekend has Texas power grid operators asking customers to take it easy of the a/c this weekend and find other ways to stay cool during peak hours of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.  More »

ERCOT blackout: Changes already made to emergency procedures

The head of Texas’ main electric grid operator says changes are already being made in the way future emergencies will be handled.  More »

Powering down: Texas grid operator cuts jobs

ERCOT will lay off 37 workers as new system comes on line to more efficiently manage the flow of electricity in Texas. (Photo: AEI Services)  More »