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Transocean profits on increased drilling contracts

Rig operator Transocean earned $546 million during the third quarter.  More »

Transocean engineer: BP abandoned well-capping plan with no explanation

Three years ago, Turlak had been part of a well control team assigned to work on a well-capping method that would place a blowout preventer on another blowout preventer, which Turlak said he regarded as a safe method.  More »

Brazil judge dismisses case against Chevron, Transocean

A federal court official in Rio de Janeiro Tuesday said that judge Raffaele Felice Pirro decided to dismiss the case on Friday after Chevron agreed to pay the equivalent of about $150 million in “compensatory activities.”  More »

Noble Corp. spinoff mirrors industry focus on new fleets

The Swiss offshore drilling contractor wants to improve the quality of its fleet by sending its aging assets to market next year and focusing on its newer, more advanced vessels. In the offshore contracting world, Noble is not alone.  More »

Halliburton pleads guilty to criminal charge in Gulf oil spill case

Nearly three-and-a-half years after a deadly rig explosion and massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the company that supplied the cement for the well that blew out pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor criminal charge in the case.  More »

Prosecutors ask federal judge to accept Halliburton’s Gulf spill guilty plea

Halliburton and the Justice Department are asking a federal judge to accept the cement contractor’s guilty plea to destroying evidence in the probe of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  More »

Appeals court withdraws insurance ruling that favored BP in Gulf spill case

A federal appeals court Thursday withdrew a previous decision allowing British oil giant BP to tap insurance policies held by Swiss drilling contractor Transocean to help cover damages from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  More »

Experts clash on estimates of oil spilled into Gulf

A sparring match between some of the world’s top scientists over how much oil spewed into the sea following the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster is heating up as a civil trial is set to resume next month.  More »

Appeals court rejects delay of spill subpoenas

A federal appeals court denied Transocean’s effort to delay compliance with subpoenas related to the deadly 2010 explosion on its Deepwater Horizon offshore rig.  More »

US makes final pitch to Gulf oil spill judge to hit BP, others with punitive damages

BP’s spread-the-blame strategy is evidence of a corporate culture at the British oil giant that caused the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the U.S. government said in a court filing Friday that is likely its final push to encourage a federal judge to make the company subject to billions of dollars in punitive damages.  More »

BP warns some Gulf oil spill claimants may have to give money back

BP is sending hundreds of letters this week to lawyers representing claimants whom BP believes received excessive business economic loss payments. The steering committee that negotiated the settlement with BP called the letters a “hollow intimidation tactic.”  More »

Plaintiffs ask judge to impose punitive damages over spill

Plaintiffs claiming harm from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill pressed a judge Friday to hammer BP, Transocean and Halliburton with punitive damages, insisting that overwhelming evidence shows the companies willfully disregarded the environment and worker safety.  More »
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