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Cars become biggest driver of greenhouse-gas increases

Emissions from transportation may rise at the fastest rate of all major sources through 2050, surging 71 percent from 2010 levels, mainly from emerging economies, according to a leaked draft a UN study on climate change.  More »

Traffic fatalities down in Texas drilling area

Traffic fatalities are down but the number of wrecks has risen in a 23-county area of South Texas where oil drilling has boomed in recent years.  More »

Gravel roads in the Eagle Ford? Talk it out in Cotulla

The state plans to convert about 83 miles of roads in West and South Texas to gravel, saying it does not have the funds to repair the damage caused by heavy oil field traffic.  More »

Cutting water use, costs, through teamwork

Shale drilling could be more profitable and more environmentally friendly if companies were willing to put up with an ugly concept: Working with the competition.  More »

Shale video talks jobs, not fracking or traffic

A group supporting shale drilling released a 7-minute video today filled with sound bites from industry proponents about the benefits of increasing natural gas production from shale, but didn’t address many environmental concerns.  More »

Eagle Ford boom brings tricky problems

Truck traffic, high rents and pipelines everywhere a hassle as the Eagle Ford booms.  More »