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Texas Petro Index falls as oil and gas activity continues to suffer

Every economic indicator measured by the index fell in January, the report indicated.  More »

Economist: Texas could lose hundreds more rigs

A prominent oil economist says Texas could lose 50,000 upstream jobs as a result of low oil prices.  More »

Eagle Ford, Permian drilling production surges

According to the Texas Petro Index, oil production in Texas rose almost 20 million barrels.  More »

More Texans working for oil and gas companies

The 302,700 workers estimated to work for services and exploration and production companies marked the first time employment in the industry has exceeded 300,000 since his Texas Petro Index began tracking the numbers in 1995, said its developer, economist Karr Ingham.  More »

Texas’ oil and gas industry expands to near-record levels

The Texas oil and gas industry is approaching records set in the 1970s, according to the latest Texas Petro Index.  More »

Texas crude production hits highest level since 1980

An index that measures oil and gas activity in Texas reached a record level last month, bolstered by rising production and wellhead prices.  More »

Texas oil boom could be nearing slowdown, economist says

While soaring production made 2013 a landmark year for Texas oil and gas, there are signs that a slowdown is approaching, according to economist Karr Ingham in a presentation Wednesday.  More »

Texas oil and gas activity sets index record

Strong crude oil prices and improving natural gas prices helped boost the Texas Petro Index to 289.8, a record level that beat the old record, set in July, of 288.2.  More »

Oil prices boost Texas Petro Index to record high

The state‚Äôs oil and gas boom roared ahead in July, boosting an industry index to record levels.  More »

Texas will continue to lead US oil boom

The growth in the energy sector is expected to continue to grow like gangbusters – led by Texas, according to Karr Ingham, a petroleum economist for the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers and creator of the Texas Petro Index, speaking at the Petroleum Club on the latest release of the index.  More »

Texas Petro Index shows stability, modest growth

Stable crude oil prices, modest gains in drilling rig counts and a growing number of drilling permits added up to modest growth in Texas oil and gas activity as measured by the Texas Petro Index for the first four months of the year.  More »

Reports make it official: Oil and gas are booming

In case you had any doubts, two reports released this week confirm that the oil and gas economy in Texas is still hot.  More »

Texas oil output hits highest level in two decades

For 2012, Texas producers delivered an estimated 604 million barrels of crude oil, up from 509 million barrels in 2011. Economist Karr Ingham predicts production will continue to rise through 2013.  More »

Texas natural gas value plummets by $1 billion

Energy industry activity in Texas generally has declined over the past year, as the rig count fell, drilling slowed, and hiring moderated, according to a monthly Texas Petro Index report.  More »