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OTC panel to talk big ideas on fifth day of programming

Organizers described the lineup as more like South by Southwest or X-Games than an industry conference.  More »

Wireless Seismic facing patent infringement suit

The Sugar Land-based company with investment from energy giants Total and Chesapeake is facing a federal lawsuit alleging that it’s infringing on a rival firm’s patents.  More »

How virtual reality can help the oil industry’s worker shortage (video)

From a non-descript office in the Galleria area, it’s possible to walk around a refinery, an oil rig and even an offshore platform — thanks to high-tech tools taking advantage of virtual reality.  More »

Update on the Digital Tallybook project (video)

Eventually I would like to create what I call a “closed loop” solution, whereby things like job procedures are stored in the cloud, an engineer can download those to and modify them on a tablet, and beam them to a wearable device.  More »

Germany CEOs lament lost innovation amid fracking angst

The country that invented the modern car and X-ray technology is adding fracking to the list of innovations it’s wary of.  More »

Participating in Houston’s thriving startup scene

To me, that’s the selling point: if you want to work on meaningful problems with very large impacts, Houston’s a great place to be, not only because the biggest potential customers are here, but also because you have ample resources at your disposal.  More »

CEO discusses key behind Sanchez Energy’s rapid growth

Sanchez Energy’s massive planned Eagle Ford Shale buy announced Wednesday is the latest in a string of acquisitions that the three-year-old company believes will push its revenue to more than $1 billion next year.  More »

Millennials spurning Silicon Valley for oil patch

Mark Hiduke just raised $100 million to build his three-week-old company. This 27-year-old isn’t a Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur. He’s a Texas oilman.  More »

Commentary: Exciting trends in tech are ultra deep

Derek Mathieson, chief strategy officer at Baker Hughes, explains how the ultradeep-water frontier is driving step changes in research and innovation.  More »

‘Smart’ cement could talk to oil companies

A Hawaii company has developed a cement additive that acts as a sensor, with applications including providing information about the integrity of cement jobs deep in oil wells.  More »

OTC award: Lower-salt diet for reservoirs pays off

BP has nabbed its second OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, Organizations, and Institutions in four years, this time for its low-salinity enhanced oil recovery, or LoSal EOR, technology.  More »

Massive machines dominate displays at tech event (photos)

While some of the best technology in oil and gas comes in the smallest packages, let’s be honest — it’s the heavy metal that really gets us going.  More »

OTC Spotlight award: WesternGeco’s IsoMetrix seismic technology

As drillers seek out hydrocarbons in more complex and remote formations, having the clearest possible picture of what’s down there is key. WesternGeco’s IsoMetrix technology is painting the clearest picture yet.  More »

BP tech chief: Enhanced oil recovery key to world reserves

BP’s head of research and technology says the world will get more of its future oil by squeezing additional barrels from old reservoirs than by discovering new ones.  More »

OTC opens with awards for safety and technology leaders (photos)

An international gathering of engineers, geoscientists and executives watched Sunday night as a landmark BP technology and a leader in offshore safety were awarded at the annual OTC dinner in Houston.  More »
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