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Big Oil comes up short in shale

The same North American oil patches that have lifted Pioneer and other independent oil producers to an unprecedented status in the energy industry haven’t come up gushers for major integrated oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell and BP.  More »

Baker Hughes acquires Houston reservoir-software firm

Baker Hughes is planning to buy a Houston-based software company in a deal that would add to its digital tools designed to enhance the performance of oil and gas reservoirs.  More »

Private equity funnels millions into oil field technology firm

Private equity firms Energy Ventures and Epi-V will funnel $41.5 million into Norwegian oil field equipment provider DWC.  More »

The first example of a “killer app” for Google Glass in the oil & gas industry? (video)

My first project with Google Glass applied to the oil & gas industry was a simple demonstration of some of the information engineers could potentially pull up in the field.  A few weeks ago I gave a demonstration of a related project I’m working on in my free time, called “the Digital Tally Book”.  I […]  More »

3 month update for my “One Year Challenge”

It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearly 25% done with 2014; pretty soon they’ll have the Christmas decorations out…kidding (but probably not…)! As they say, time flies when you’re busy or having fun, and I’ve been both:  very involved at work, and having fun pursuing my “One Year Challenge”. For those of you who […]  More »

Android Wear an important step for wearable technology in the oil & gas industry

A few weeks back I wrote a piece on how smart watches could play just as important a role as Google Glass in bringing wearable technology to the oil & gas fields. Unfortunately, adoption of these smart watches has so far been slow, due to limited functionality and a fragmented set of platforms on which […]  More »

Marrying tablets and Google Glass to increase the efficiency of oil & gas field operations (video)

For these reasons, I have started to program what I’m calling for now a “Digital Tally Book”; eventually it will be a standalone application for field engineers, as well as an easy way to send relevant content to the Google Glass device.  More »

International power supply hinges on incremental generation advances

Power-generation technology will have to adapt to a massive increase in decentralized energy sources expected to come online in developing economies in Africa and Asia in coming years, a trend that reverses the energy industry’s focus on large coal and gas-fired plants in the U.S. and wealthier countries, an energy executive said Thursday.  More »

Google Glass is one example of wearable tech in the oil & gas industry…what about smart watches?

My brother and I were driving home together this evening, and given that he works in tech and I have been even more interested in tech than usual since I started my project with Google Glass, naturally the conversation turned to….tech. Specifically, the conversation turned to smart watches, since Samsung has just announced their second […]  More »

A highly positive initial reaction to Google Glass from the oil & gas industry…and some skepticism too

I shouldn’t have been surprised then that, despite the highly positive response I received towards my efforts, there were some skeptical comments, most revolving around the possibility of even taking Glass out into the field. Today still, cell phones for instance aren’t allowed in certain field areas: there would be catastrophic HSE consequences if a signal accidentally triggered a piece of equipment like a wireline gun.  More »

How Google Glass can make oil field work safer (video)

Wearable technology can provide a solution to oil field data overload, as the industry drills more complex wells and taps more challenging reservoirs.  More »

Q&A: Industry veteran brings fossil fuel priority to Rice

Charles McConnell, the head of Rice University’s new Energy and Environment Initiative, speaks with FuelFix recently about technology, energy policy and his new job.  More »
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