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US Supreme Court seeks middle ground on shareholder suits

Hearing arguments Wednesday in Washington, the justices considered a bid by Halliburton Co. to overturn a 1988 decision that forms the legal basis for 80 percent of the group securities suits filed each year.  More »

TransCanada asks Texas Supreme Court to skip Keystone review

TransCanada Corp. asked the Texas Supreme Court to reject a farmer’s request to review condemnation rulings allowing the Keystone XL pipeline to cross her land against her will.  More »

Worry and debate follow Pennsylvania court’s drilling decision

Business advocates consider the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision backing cities’ rights to fight the state’s new gas drilling law a major setback. Environmentalists cheered the decision, saying it strengthens the hand that environmental considerations will play in government decisions.  More »

Pennsylvania lawyers ask court to rethink gas drilling case

Lawyers for two state agencies on Thursday asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reconsider its decision last month that struck down key components of a state law that regulates natural gas drilling.  More »

Court won’t take Gulf spill moratorium case

The Supreme Court won’t decide if the Obama administration violated a judge’s order that struck down its temporary moratorium on deep water drilling after BP’s 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  More »

Court looks at EPA rule on cross-state pollution

The U.S. Supreme Court indicated Tuesday it could breathe new life into a federal rule requiring states to reduce power plant pollution from the South and Midwest that fouls the air in the eastern U.S.  More »

Oil industry loses legal battle against E15

The Supreme Court on Monday dealt a big blow to the oil industry, when it decided not to hear a legal challenge against the federal government’s decision to approve the sale of fuel containing 15 percent ethanol.  More »

What is the likelihood that the Supreme Court will take review of EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations?

On Friday, Texas lead a group of states in asking the Supreme Court to hear (and overrule) the DC Circuit case of last year upholding EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases from stationary sources. A group of industry representatives have joined in asking for Supreme Court review. Given the DC case and Texas’s petition for certiorari, […]  More »

GOP ups attacks on EPA climate rule for power plants

More than 200 U.S. lawmakers, mostly Republicans, urged the Obama administration to pull the plug on greenhouse-gas standards for power plants.  More »

Supreme Court may throw out penalty against Southern Union

The Supreme Court will consider throwing out an $18 million penalty against Texas-based Southern Union Co. for illegally storing mercury at a rundown building in Rhode Island.  More »

As pipelines multiply, more eminent domain fights likely

If the Texas Supreme Court upholds the jury award, attorneys say it would reinforce the right of landowners to testify in court about the value of their own property, and could ensure that pipeline companies pay something for the diminished value of the so-called “remainder” property that isn’t taken under an easement.  More »

Who are the new Rockefellers?

On the 100th anniversary of the ruling that broke up the Standard Oil monopoly, Loren Steffy ponders who would be considered the great oil visionaries of the post-Rockefeller era. Or put another way, who’s the Steve Jobs or Bill Gates of energy?  More »
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