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Shell signs deal with Alaska native group

Shell moved Thursday to deepen its relationship with Alaska natives who live near the company’s Arctic oil wells, signing a deal that gives them royalties from some of the projects an option to buy into them later.  More »

Shell recommends science for Arctic headaches

Scientific research has been central to Shell’s now-stalled move into Alaskan Arctic waters, and regulators probably will expect more if Shell resumes its work there, a company scientist told a Houston audience Monday.  More »

Shell outlines 2014 drilling plans

Shell is working to convince the Obama administration that it has learned from its recent mishaps and is ready to launch a new round of Arctic drilling next year.  More »

Inspectors set to look at rescued Shell drilling rig

A massive campaign to free a grounded Arctic drilling rig that employed more than a dozen ships and some 730 people cleared a big hurdle Monday, as salvagers pulled the vessel to safe harbor in Alaska.  More »

Officials close to towing grounded drilling rig

Salvagers are preparing to try pulling Shell’s grounded Arctic drilling rig from a rocky Alaskan island’s coast as soon as critical equipment arrives on the scene and weather permits _ possibly before the weekend’s end.  More »

Kulluk drilling rig accident stokes fresh fears on Arctic drilling

The grounding of Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig amid a fierce storm in the Gulf of Alaska raised the specter of a fuel spill in the region and provided fresh fodder to drilling foes who insist Arctic oil exploration is too risky to allow. The episode also cast doubt on whether Shell Oil Co. will be able to resume its hunt for Arctic oil this year.  More »

Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig runs aground near Alaskan island

Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig ran aground Monday night near Alaska’s Kodiak Island after a five-day fight to tow the vessel through a fierce storm and 70-mph winds.  More »

Coast Guard evacuates 18 from drilling rig

The Coast Guard and Shell are still working to rescue an offshore drilling rig and a tugboat stranded in high seas about 50 miles south of Kodiak, Alaska.  More »

Noble fixing problems on Discoverer after Arctic drilling season

Noble Corp. said Thursday it was working to repair problems with the safety, pollution-control and propulsion systems on its drillship Discoverer, fresh off a tour hunting for Arctic oil for Shell.  More »

Arctic frontier opens as Shell begins drilling in Chukchi Sea

Shell began boring its first well in the Chukchi Sea in more than two decades on Sunday, kicking off what company executives anticipate will be years of work tapping prospects throughout U.S. Arctic waters.  More »

Coast Guard repair order could delay Shell Arctic drilling

Coast Guard-ordered improvements to a key support vessel may be another impediment to Shell’s plans to search for oil this summer under Arctic waters in Alaska.  More »

Concessions to natives & regulators paved way for Shell’s Arctic drilling

For four years, the public face of Shell’s Alaska venture has been working to convince federal regulators and native Alaskans that the company’s plans to search for crude underneath arctic waters can be done safely, without harming whales, walruses and the subsistence hunters that depend on them for food.  More »

Q&A: Author talks challenges, compromises for Shell in Arctic

In “The Eskimo and the Oil Man,” author Bob Reiss tells the story of planned oil exploration in Arctic waters through the eyes of an Inupiat leader from the North Slope and Shell Alaska’s vice president. Reiss fields our questions about the book and what he learned during his research.  More »

Shell VP optimistic about permits for Arctic drilling

Shell appears closer than ever to securing airtight environmental permits for proposed drilling in Arctic waters near Alaska, but a company executive today warned the work may not get under way unless the government approves planned projects in both the Beaufort and Chukchi seas.  More »

Shell says delays in Arctic drilling ‘highly unusual’

Blocked for about four years from developing several leases offshore Alaska, the supermajor says slow action from regulators undermines confidence in the federal government’s offshore program.  More »
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