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ConocoPhillips stresses shale through 2017

Flexible spending and disciplined growth will help ConocoPhillips meet its 2017 goals, executives said Wednesday.  More »

Oil exports would give US leverage, former ambassador says

So far, most of the congressional debate on crude exports has focused on the economics of the issue, but former Amb. Carlos Pascual’s comments amplify geopolitical concerns with the longstanding trade restrictions for oil.  More »

ConocoPhillips to lay off 200 Canadian workers

The Houston-based independent said the layoffs will affect 7 percent of the company’s Canadian workforce.  More »

Trio of oil companies announce $20 billion in spending cuts

“What we’re seeing thus far is a textbook implosion,” said one analyst.  More »

ConocoPhillips cuts spending again, reports earnings loss

The company will defer drilling and exploration plans in the U.S. and major project spending in general. It still expects to grow production by 2-3 percent, excluding Libya.  More »

ConocoPhillips CEO: Crude exports vote not ripe yet

Ryan Lance said the issue isn’t “quite ready yet” for a vote, despite intense lobbying by oil producers who favor lifting the 40-year-old ban on most crude exports.  More »

ConocoPhillips sees first oil from Norwegian startup field

The company is pumping new barrels of oil in Norwegian waters as oil prices have fallen by more than half since June.  More »

ConocoPhillips cutting capital spending by 20 percent

The cut reflects lower spending on major projects, several of which are nearing completion.  More »

ConocoPhillips considers spending cuts in face of falling oil prices

The largest independent said both production and profits rose in the third quarter, but warned it may begin to pull back its budgets in 2015 as prices fall.  More »

Activist investors push objectives at ConocoPhillips meeting

Despite the activist investors’ visible presence at ConocoPhillips’ annual meeting, two shareholder proposals – one for the company to report its lobbying expenditures in greater detail, another for it to set greenhouse gas reduction targets – were shot down.  More »

ConocoPhillips CEO: US crude keeping a check on global oil price spikes

Geopolitical turbulence in the Middle East would have created a spike in global oil prices if not for the rise of light-crude in the United States and oil sands in Canada, ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance said Tuesday.  More »

Commentary: Offshore production helped transform world energy outlook

Ryan Lance, chairman and CEO of ConocoPhillips, says while much of the credit goes to rising production from onshore shale, offshore production shouldn’t be overlooked for its role in enhancing energy security, job creation and economic prosperity.  More »

ConocoPhillips profit flat while U.S. shale surges

ConocoPhillips’ profit slipped less than 1 percent in the first quarter as its oil output edged down in Libya and Alaska and surged in U.S. shale plays.  More »

Executive pay drops as shareholder pressure rises on oil giants

Several of the largest U.S. energy companies cut into top-shelf executive pay last year as activist investors pushed them to shrink their oil empires and steer more capital to shareholder pockets.  More »

ConocoPhillips CEO: Skeptics’ warnings of shale bubble are unfounded

ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance fired back at shale skeptics, while speaking at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy Tuesday. He said the country’s shale revolution is only in the “first inning of a nine inning game.”  More »
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