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U.S. safety board rejects overhaul of Calif. refineries

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board rejected a proposed overhaul of California’s refinery safety practices – recently touted by its chairman after the 2012 Chevron refinery fire in Richmond, Calif., – saying the overly ambitious plan would do little to immediately improve safety and needs further study.  More »

Chevron expects weak second quarter as production drops

Chevron expects a weaker second quarter performance, driven by lower oil prices and lower international oil production for the second quarter, a result of maintenance and turnaround activity, the company said in an interim update issued Thursday morning.  More »

Tactics divide agencies in Chevron probe

A grand jury probe targeting Chevron in last year’s Richmond refinery fire has created a rift between the federal agency investigating the incident and environmental regulators seeking possible criminal charges against the oil giant  More »

Speculators driving spike in gasoline prices

The run-up primes drivers for another expensive year at the gas pump, at a time when Americans are already spending a greater portion of their income on fuel than they have in decades.  More »