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Texas manufacturing sluggish as energy sector slows down

Manufacturing activity in Texas was flat for the second consecutive month in February, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas revealed in its latest survey on the sector.  More »

Texas schools get $3.75 million to commercialize their research

A $3.75 million National Science Foundation grant will help researchers at Rice, Texas A&M and the University of Texas investigate commercial applications for their work.  More »

Rice touts advancement in solar cell technique

Researchers at Rice University they’ve discovered a way to simplify the process used to make solar cell components, which could make the technology less expensive to produce.  More »

Rice aims to spur more Houston startups

Rice University wants to bring Houston the same Cambrian explosion of startup companies that began in Palo Alto and Boston decades ago – but for oil and gas, a Rice official said Wednesday.  More »

Sustainability key to US energy future, expert says

As global energy demand rises, the United States must do a better job making its oil boom sustainable in places like the Bakken Shale, where fractured wells recover just 4 percent of the underground resource, a Rice University official said Wednesday.  More »

Q&A: Industry veteran brings fossil fuel priority to Rice

Charles McConnell, the head of Rice University’s new Energy and Environment Initiative, speaks with FuelFix recently about technology, energy policy and his new job.  More »

Oil prices could drop as drivers demand more fuel efficiency, researcher says

Despite the nation’s shale gusher, domestic demand for oil has remained flat during the past decade. But unlike most periods of stagnant demand, a weakened economy isn’t the only culprit.  More »

University puts first nanotechnology product to the test (video)

C-Voltaics, the University of Houston’s first firm in nanotechnology, has developed chemical coatings that repel water and other liquids to keep things as varied as jeans and solar panels clean and protected.  More »

Rice taps former US fossil energy chief to lead new initiative

Charles McConnell, a former U.S. assistant secretary for fossil energy, said his job entails bolstering the university’s relationships with industry giants such as Exxon Mobil Corp., Royal Dutch Shell and BP.  More »

Climate change trend likely to thwart biofuel goals, study says

The United States is unlikely to meet current biofuel goals if the climate continues to evolve as predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, according to a new study by Rice University and the University of California at Davis.  More »

Feds give Texas project license to broadly export LNG

The Obama administration on Friday gave Freeport LNG approval to broadly export domestically harvested natural gas, marking only the second time a U.S. company has won such a license. The export license ensures that the Texas-based project will be able to liquefy natural gas produced by BP to Japan, Taiwan and other countries that do not have free-trade agreements with the United States.  More »

Recruiters take to OTC exhibit floor to snag top-notch students

Colleges and universities have an easy job at the Offshore Technology Conference, with many company recruiters on-site and ready to pounce on engineering students with good GPAs.  More »

U.S. poised to become net energy exporter, Exxon Mobil forecasts

The U.S. could become a net exporter of energy by 2025, said William Colton, Exxon Mobil vice president of corporate strategic planning.The economic benefits of domestic oil and gas production are the equivalent of a $600 billion stimulant package for the U.S. economy, he added.  More »

Is U.S. energy independence realistic?

Some say it’s not realistic to suggest that the United States will stop importing oil entirely, because of the nation’s dependence on the broader global economy.  More »

What’s the biggest threat to the Gulf of Mexico?

A Texas A&M academic gives a surprising one-word answer to the question, “What’s the biggest threat to the Gulf of Mexico?” Chronicle SciGuy Eric Berger comments.  More »
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