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Iowa ethanol lobby starts 2016 campaign to regain influence

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, backed by state corn-grower and renewable-fuels associations and the Washington-based biofuels lobby Growth Energy, on Thursday formed America’s Renewable Future, to make the Renewable Fuels Standard an issue in the 2016 race.  More »

Oil group: Biofuel delay risks gas price swings

The federal government is already seven months late in setting biofuel quotas for 2014, with the risk that tardiness will translate into volatile gasoline prices, the oil industry’s leading trade group said Wednesday.  More »

GOP senator: Obama set to give big gift to Big Oil

Unless President Barack Obama wants to give a big gift to “Big Oil,” he needs to personally intervene in a fight over the nation’s renewable fuels policy, a Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said Tuesday.  More »

Feds to get earful on renewable fuels

A summit Thursday on the nation’s renewable fuels policy is set to draw a crush of farmers, politicians, engineers and oil industry lobbyists all eager to criticize an Obama administration plan to slash federal biofuels quotas.  More »

Biofuels battle isn’t over yet (video)

A leading biofuels backer says oil industry scare tactics prompted the Obama administration to slash renewable fuel targets for next year.  More »

Feds slash ethanol mandate for gasoline in nod to oil industry

The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday proposed cutting the amount of renewable fuels that petroleum producers would be required to blend into gasoline and diesel next year, the first time the agency has lowered its annual target.  More »

Military and business leaders urge US to end oil’s fuel monopoly

In a report issued Tuesday, former U.S. military leaders, cabinet secretaries and business leaders recommend ways the United States can pare America’s vulnerability to oil price hikes, by giving alternatives a chance to compete with gasoline and ending “oil’s virtual monopoly as a transportation fuel.”  More »

API asks feds to reconsider 2013 biofuel quotas

Oil companies are asking the Obama administration to reconsider renewable fuel quotas for the year that they said were “unrealistic.”  More »

Oil industry pushes Congress to axe biofuel mandate (video)

The American Petroleum Institute is ratcheting up its campaign against the eight-year-old renewable fuel standard with new nationwide advertisements and a website casting the mandate as something only a mechanic would love. Although the group has been asking lawmakers to swiftly repeal the requirement, key congressional leaders have adopted a slower, smaller approach.  More »

United planes to fly on advanced biofuel

United Airlines on Tuesday announced it has committed to buy at least 15 million gallons of renewable jet fuel for use on flights out of its Los Angeles hub, marking a potentially major breakthrough in the commercial aviation industry’s quest to pare carbon dioxide emissions.  More »

API: Federal renewable fuel mandate causes more emissions

A federal mandate for renewable fuels is doing nothing to slash greenhouse gas emissions, according to the oil industry’s biggest trade group.  More »

Solar-powered plane to make Texas stop during historic journey

The world’s first plane powered purely by solar energy will stop in Dallas during an historic cross-country journey this spring, the plane’s creators announced Thursday.  More »

Report casts doubt on E15 use in cars & trucks

Automakers and the oil industry released a report today that casts doubt on the safety of gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol and shows that at least some engines running the fuel suffered damage during recent testing.  More »

Industry group challenges cellulosic biofuel quota

The American Petroleum Institute filed a legal challenge to a U.S. cellulosic biofuel mandate on Monday, alleging a “complete commercial supply” doesn’t exist for fuel makers to meet the program’s minimum quota for 2012.  More »

Obama has no regrets about Solyndra loan

President Barack Obama said he does not regret a $528 million loan to a solar energy company that later collapsed, saying officials always knew a clean energy loan program would not back winners 100 percent of the time.  More »
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