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Oil-friendly Texas also gives a howdy to renewables

The nation’s oil capital rose two places in the biannual Ernst & Young ranking for renewable energy, thanks to its robust wind energy program and solar energy potential.  More »

IEA: Renewable energy to approach top spot in world electricity

The International Energy Agency came out with some startling predictions this week, including this: Renewable energy sources will approach coal as the primary source of world electricity by 2035.  More »

Steffy: Texas needs to make hay on power while the sun shines

Much as lawmakers had done with wind power, the plan authorized the utility commission to mandate generating 500 megawatts of renewable energy from sources other than wind, which essentially means solar. That generation would then be tied into the new transmission lines. The commission never followed through on that provision.  More »

Quantifying the Energy Revolution

Consumer Energy Alliance has long recognized and advocated for the immense economic benefits that domestic energy production brings.  From Pennsylvania to Texas and up to Michigan, we’ve witnessed the tremendous impact that increased energy production – both traditional fossil fuel and renewable energy – has brought to communities.  And now, we have the studies to […]  More »

Obama Mimics Al Gore, Claims Credit for Others Work

Al Gore’s self-aggrandizing claim that he “took the initiative in creating the Internet” has haunted him since he first uttered it during a 1999 CNN interview. It makes sense. In a society where people expect to be rewarded for their hard work and good ideas, the public generally abhors those who take credit where it’s […]  More »

Obama, Clinton to announce energy saving program

Enlisting former President Bill Clinton as a partner, President Barack Obama is announcing a $4 billion effort to increase the energy efficiency of government and private sector buildings, aiming for fuel savings and job creation at no cost to taxpayers.  More »

Clean-energy funding to drop after Obama grant program ends

U.S. financing for renewable energy will drop next year after the expiration of a grant program that backed at least $32.9 billion in projects, one of President Barack Obama’s most ambitious efforts to support the industry.  More »

Chinese solar companies reject US trade complaint

Leaders of China’s solar power industry rejected a U.S. trade complaint that they receive unfair government support and said Tuesday possible sanctions would hurt American consumers and development of clean energy.  More »

Support for federal backing of renewables falls, poll finds

Public support for putting federal money toward research on certain renewable energy sources has fallen significantly since early 2009, with virtually all the decline coming from Republicans, a new Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll found.  More »

Three lawmakers want renewable credits extended through 2016

Three lawmakers have introduced a bill to extend a set of tax credits for renewable energy production through 2016, amid the looming December 2012 expiration of the credit for wind. But Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., is fronting a bill to eliminate all energy tax credits, for both conventional and alternative sources.  More »

Wind-power industry holds breath over the future of federal subsidy

The wind-power industry is pushing to get its favorite federal subsidy extended amid concerns that the program’s expiration next year could halt the expansion of the fastest-growing renewable electricity source in the U.S.  More »

Kansas Republican to put forth bill axing energy tax credits

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., told lawmakers in a letter last week that his bill to repeal all tax credits for energy production and investment would save the U.S. government up to $90 billion over 10 years in what he says is spending that distorts the market.  More »

Obama Energy Tax’s Impact on Shipbuilders, Shoemakers, Steel Workers

In 2008, President Obama catapulted his way to the White House in part on his promise to “green” the economy. Three years later, the administration is still over 4 million shy of delivering on the 5 million green jobs promised, taxpayers are on the hook for the hundreds of billions of dollars loaned to now-bankrupt […]  More »

Research prowess powers Texas solar industry

As Austin-based Astro­Watt’s founders prepared to launch their solar technology company in 2008, they tallied the competition.  More »

Senator was not always critical of loan program

Republican Sen. David Vitter says the Obama administration has been “reckless” as it awards billions of dollar taxpayer subsidies for renewable energy projects, including a $528 million loan to a now-bankrupt California solar panel maker.  More »
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