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Randy Bird

Allison Sliva, Chairman of the No Coal Coaliton, at an opposition rally in Bay City, Texas. ( Karen Warren / Houston Chronicle )

Steffy: A White Stallion falls in the mud…

Developers of the White Stallion Energy Center, a coal plant slated for construction in Matagorda County, Texas, have officially thrown in the towel, the latest in a string of coal projects that have fallen victim to market forces.
(Photo: Ano Lobb/Flickr)

Proposed coal plant changes cooling plans

Operators of a proposed coal-fired power plant in Matagorda County announced Thursday that they will drop their request for a 40-year water contract with the Lower Colorado River Authority, opting instead for a more expensive but less water-intensive technology.
A power plant on the Tradinghouse Creek Reservoir near Hallsburg, Texas. The plant was owned by Luminant but taken offline in 2010. (Photo: Flickr/srv0)

New power plant could be built in Bay City

An executive for a company planning to build a coal-fired power plant in Southeast Texas says the company will change how it would cool the plant, allowing it to operate with trillions of less gallons of water annually.