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Shale gas boom leaves wind companies seeking more subsidy

Wind power in the U.S. is on a respirator. The $14 billion industry is reeling from a double blow — cheap natural gas unleashed by the hydraulic fracturing revolution and the death last year of federal subsidies that made wind the most competitive of all renewable energy sources in the U.S.  More »

Senators leave popular tax credit out of renewable fuel proposal

Top senators on Tuesday unveiled their plan for renewing a slew of tax credits that expired last year, including measures aimed at making biofuels. But one popular tax credit didn’t make the cut.  More »

Texas leads growth in clean energy jobs

Texas, California and New York were among the nation’s leaders in adding green energy jobs during the final months of 2013, according to a new analysis. New wind projects helped drive the growth in the Lone Star State.  More »

Wind tax credit expires at midnight

The stroke of midnight will mark not just the end of 2013, but also the death of a popular tax credit that has helped finance wind farms and other renewable energy projects across the U.S.  More »

Texas biggest earner from wind tax credit, study finds

Texas wind power producers earned far more money from the federal production tax credit than the state paid out to support the renewable energy policy, according to a study by the Institute for Energy Research released this week.  More »

Congress weighs future of wind energy tax credit

Wind energy advocates on Wednesday pleaded with Congress to renew a tax break they credit with sending turbines spinning across the United States, amid opposition from critics who insist the industry no longer needs the help.  More »

Wind tax credit in Senate fiscal cliff legislation

Wind energy may emerge as one of the winners of the fiscal cliff tax negotiations, as compromise legislation passed by the Senate on Tuesday morning included a tax credit for renewable energy, according to the Associated Press.  More »

Layoffs buffet wind power industry

Word of staff cuts and factory closings at wind turbine companies from Dallas to North Dakota this month, as a federal tax credit heads toward expiration.  More »

Tax credit needs to keep jobs, wind power execs say

he production tax credit, the primary cost-saving policy for the industry, expires at the end of the year and the executives said their companies are already feeling the effects.  More »

Winds of fortune sweep West Texas

Every workday before sunrise, 10 BP workers gather on a West Texas sheep farm for morning calisthenics.  More »

No big energy provisions in payroll tax bill

The payroll tax cut bill that Congress approved today contained no big energy-related provisions, after speculation each side was seeking to include them in a compromise.  More »

Wind boosters: 37K jobs on line if tax credit expires

As many as 37,000 jobs tied to the U.S. wind industry could be lost if Congress doesn’t renew a renewable energy tax credit before it expires next year, according to a report issued today.  More »
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