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EPA chief: Power plant rules won’t ‘put the brakes on business’

Economic growth and reducing carbon pollution can go hand in hand, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy insisted Thursday.  More »

EPA chief suggests no swift action on refinery pollution rules

Nearly two years after a legal deadline to impose new greenhouse gas limits for oil refineries, those rules are far from reality, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy signaled Thursday.  More »

Low on natural gas, California told to power down

With a move that usually comes in the height of summer when temperatures are soaring and air conditioners blasting, Californians were urged to voluntarily cut their electricity use after frigid weather across the U.S. and Canada caused a shortage of natural gas at Southern California power plants.  More »

Senator presses EPA to scrutinize refinery emissions

At least one senator wants the EPA to expand its focus on greenhouse emissions to include gases from refineries in addition to power plants.  More »

Senators duel over climate change

Senate Republicans and Democrats were battling over climate change Thursday, during a hearing on President Barack Obama’s plan to combat greenhouse gas pollution and deal with the unpredictable weather and geographic changes it causes.  More »

Judge rules against New Jersey plan to add power plants

New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities is weighing whether to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that shot down its plan to add more natural gas-fired power plants by having ratepayers subsidize their costs.  More »

Obama moves to limit power-plant carbon pollution

Linking global warming to public health, disease and extreme weather, the Obama administration pressed ahead Friday with a proposal to set the first national limits on heat-trapping pollution from future power plants, despite protests from industry and Republicans that it would dim coal’s future.  More »

Mild summer discouraging new electricity generation

Lower than expected summer temperatures in Texas have pushed down forward wholesale electricity prices, which may in turn dampen future generation construction, Tudor Pickering Holt wrote in a report.  More »

House passes amendment banning carbon tax

The amendment by Louisiana conservative firebrand Steve Scalise passed Friday as part of a bill called the REINS act (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny), which would require Congressional approval of any new agency rule, tying the government in knots.  More »

Texas loses another battle against EPA

The U.S. Court of Appeals slapped down Texas’ most recent challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday — the latest defeat in Attorney General Greg Abbott’s lengthy legal crusade against the federal government.  More »

GDF Suez, Alstom sign long-term contract for power plant services

GDF Suez Energy North America has awarded a $480 million, long-term contract to Alstom to provide comprehensive maintenance and gas turbine upgrades to natural gas-fired power stations in Texas and Massachusetts.  More »

Natural gas declines on forecast of heat wave’s end

Natural gas futures declined in New York for the first time in four days on speculation that moderating heat will reduce demand for the power-plant fuel.  More »
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