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New Democratic senator finds identity as Obama energy critic

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp fashioned herself as an independent-minded candidate as she won an upset victory in 2012. And she has carried that ethos into her second year in office, emerging as perhaps the White House’s most consistent Democratic critic on energy policy.  More »

Keystone XL foes seek health study on pipeline

Two Senate Democrats on Friday strengthened their push against the Keystone XL pipeline, unveiling a letter from public health groups urging the Obama administration to study the medical risks associated with the project.  More »

Keystone report reignites battle over pipeline’s impact

Keystone XL’s political proponents and environmental foes released a wave of responses to the long-awaited federal environmental review that dropped Friday afternoon.  More »

Court ruling insulates foes and fans of Arctic drilling

In the heated political battle over drilling in chilly Alaskan seas, a court ruling drilling proponents blame for thwarting the activity provides handy cover for stakeholders from Anchorage to Washington.  More »

Survey finds few know what fracking really is

In a recent survey published by researchers at Oregon State, George Mason and Yale universities, more than half of respondents reported knowing little or nothing of fracking. And almost 60 percent of those surveyed said they had no opinion on the subject.  More »

Texas proposes to take over GHG permitting under Clean Air Act PSD program

Last week the TCEQ issued a proposed rule to allow it to regulate greenhouse gas sources under the Clean Air Act’s Prevention of Significant Deterioration Program.  No surprise here.  Texas business asked the state legislature to “authorize” the TCEQ to do this because it is more streamlined to have one permitting authority, and because of […]  More »

Gulf of Mexico moves toward a comeback

Oil companies are set to unleash a backlog of drilling and development work in 2014 after years of deep-water exploration with advanced seismic technology, potentially pushing the Gulf’s daily oil production up by 180,000 barrels to 1.55 million barrels per day next year.  More »

Keystone XL director: Mandate on Obama delayed pipeline

A Republican mandate that President Obama make a decision on Keystone XL in 2012 unnecessarily delayed the pipeline, the director of project said Wednesday.  More »

Guest Commentary: Mexico’s energy market benefits with foreign investment

Direct foreign energy participation — especially helping Mexico to achieve its own shale revolution — can have a win-win impact, delivering economic reinvigoration and employment generation.  More »

Norway’s government may sell $11B of Statoil shares

Norway may sell as much as 16 percent of state-owned oil producer Statoil ASA, a stake currently valued at more than $11 billion, after the Conservative-led opposition won elections.  More »

Energy tycoons not Texas’ top political donors

The oil and gas industry wields a lot of power in Texas, but when it comes to political donations on the national stage, energy moguls fall behind the state’s lawyers, sportsmen and tech titans.  More »

Commentary: Any surprises in President Obama’s speech on climate?

It has now been more than a week since President Obama gave his much touted speech on climate change at Georgetown University.  Much of what he said was unsurprising. There were however, three notable moments.   More »
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