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Noble pleads guilty to violations involving Arctic drillship

Noble Corp. pleaded guilty Monday to eight criminal charges tied to pollution, propulsion and record keeping problems with the two drilling rigs that bored Arctic oil wells for Shell in 2012.  More »

Paragon Offshore completes spinoff from Noble Corp., begins trading

Paragon Offshore became Houston’s latest publicly-traded company Monday morning when it began trading on the it began moving on New York Stock Exchange after completing its separation from Noble Corp.  More »

Noble Corp. won’t pursue IPO for spinoff after all

Offshore drilling contractor Noble Corp. announced Wednesday that it won’t move forward with an initial public offering of stock in a new spinoff company, but the spinoff will continue as planned.  More »

Noble Corp. spinoff mirrors industry focus on new fleets

The Swiss offshore drilling contractor wants to improve the quality of its fleet by sending its aging assets to market next year and focusing on its newer, more advanced vessels. In the offshore contracting world, Noble is not alone.  More »

Noble Corp. plans to split in two

Noble Corp., the offshore rig contractor building nine new rigs, said today it plans to spin off about half its fleet into a separate company to focus on its higher-priced rigs working in deeper waters.  More »

Noble Corp.’s proposed London move may cut its tax bill in half

Noble Corp., the offshore oil rig contractor that moved its headquarters to Switzerland in 2009, may cut its tax bill in half if shareholders approve the board’s plan to move to London.  More »

Vessels heaving Arctic rigs to Asian shipyards for repair

A massive oceangoing dry-dock is hauling an Arctic drillship to Korea for repair, and another rig is about to make a similar journey, after problems surfaced once the vessels bored exploratory wells for Shell north of Alaska.  More »

Coast Guard documented 16 deficiencies on Arctic drillship

The drillship used to bore part of an Arctic oil well for Shell last summer lacked sufficient propulsion power, had engine problems and posed fire hazards, according to a Coast Guard inspection of the vessel last November and released on Friday.  More »

Noble Corp. profits flat in fourth quarter

The CEO of drilling contractor Noble Corp. acknowledged disappointment with fourth-quarter earnings that came in flat, as increased downtime offset the higher rental rates for its rigs.  More »

Officials close to towing grounded drilling rig

Salvagers are preparing to try pulling Shell’s grounded Arctic drilling rig from a rocky Alaskan island’s coast as soon as critical equipment arrives on the scene and weather permits _ possibly before the weekend’s end.  More »

Noble fixing problems on Discoverer after Arctic drilling season

Noble Corp. said Thursday it was working to repair problems with the safety, pollution-control and propulsion systems on its drillship Discoverer, fresh off a tour hunting for Arctic oil for Shell.  More »

Noble orders third drillship for $615M

Noble, which has ordered construction of two of the industry’s most expensive drilling rigs this year, will buy a third ultra-deepwater vessel as contractors take advantage of higher crude prices and low shipyard costs.  More »