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Environmentalists challenge Obama on natural gas exports

More than a dozen environmental groups on Tuesday called on President Barack Obama to reject his previous support for natural gas and the drilling practices yielding the fossil fuel. The organizations also insisted that the administration’s handling of a proposed natural gas export facility on the Maryland coast is a test of the White House’s commitment to combating climate change.  More »

Senate panel blocks vote on LNG export plan

A plan to accelerate U.S. natural gas exports in response to Russia’s invasion of Crimea failed in the Senate on Wednesday, amid criticism that it could derail a Ukraine aid package.  More »

Senate panel to consider opening US gas exports amid Ukraine crisis

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is set to vote as early as Wednesday on a plan to accelerate exports of U.S. natural gas as part of a broader measure to steer aid to Ukraine.  More »

Stakes are high for LNG export plan

Dominion Resources now wants to turn its entire Cove Point operation around, reversing the flow so it can liquefy the natural gas now pouring out of Pennsylvania wells and load it onto tankers bound for India and Japan.  More »

Feds could order more natural gas export studies

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz went further than ever before Wednesday in suggesting the Obama administration could redo the economic analysis that is underpinning each of its case-by-case decisions on exporting American natural gas.  More »

Profits from US natural gas exports could disappoint, researcher says

The market could be overreacting to the high price of natural gas in Asia to such an extent that LNG export terminals might not be as profitable as once imagined, a new study from Rice University warns.  More »

Senate shuffle could put oil industry ally at top of energy panel

President Barack Obama’s reported decision to nominate Sen. Max Baucus to be the next U.S. ambassador to China sets off a chain of events that could put an oil and gas industry ally, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., in charge of the Senate energy committee.  More »

Is the US Falling Behind Canada in Exporting LNG to Japan?

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark landed in Washington D.C. on Friday to promote Canadian liquefied natural gas. And Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe two weeks prior made his first official visit to Canada to work on building a long-term energy relationship between the two countries.  More »

Moody’s: Freeport LNG exports will boost gas producers and pipelines

Moody’s has weighed in on last week’s approval of Freeport LNG’s request to export liquefied natural gas, saying it offers a clear benefit for natural gas-leveraged North American exploration and production and midstream companies.  More »

Surge in US natural gas pushes other countries to diversify (video)

The shale gale that has put the United States on track to soon be a net exporter of natural gas also is shaking up the international market for the fossil fuel, forcing Trinidad and Tobago to adapt by selling more of its supplies to Europe and Asia.  More »

Energy official: LNG export decisions coming soon

The Energy Department is poised to start making decisions on exporting more domestic natural gas within months, a top Obama administration official told Congress on Thursday, as leaders debate the contentious issue at the LNG 17 conference in Houston this week.  More »

Energy Department won’t be rushed on export decision

Speaking at the LNG 17 conference Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Energy official in charge of deciding whether to allow exports of liquefied natural gas gave no indication of how the department will rule, or even when a decision may be made.  More »
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