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Exxon Mobil predicts surge in electricity from nuclear & natural gas at the expense of coal

Natural gas and nuclear power could help meet a surging demand for electricity across the globe over the next three decades as growing environmental concerns and costs start to price coal out of the market, Exxon Mobil predicted today.  More »

Manufacturers pushing hard against LNG exports

Manufacturers terrified that rising natural gas prices threaten their bottom line are stepping up pressure on the Obama administration to limit exports of the fossil fuel in the wake of a study that said selling more overseas would broadly benefit the United States.  More »

Natural gas will remain below $4 in 2013, S&P forecasts

With natural gas production continuing to rise, the commodity price will stagnate or decline next year, according to Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services projection.  More »

Australian Woodside in the Eastern Mediterranean: Throwing a Wrench in an Already Topsy Turvy Region

On December 2, Noble Energy, the Houston company that has played a vital role in drilling and confirming massive deep-water natural gas deposits (the largest in recent memory) in Israeli and Cypriot waters, announced a 30 percent sale of the Leviathan field to Australia’s Woodside.  More »

Natural gas production rises, despite falling prices

The number of rigs active in natural gas regions has fallen by more than half over the year. But the county produced 5 percent more natural gas during the first nine months of the year, compared to the same period in 2011.  More »

Chesapeake pushes gas conversion kits for trucks

Chesapeake Energy Corp’s aggressive efforts to get more vehicles to use natural gas continued this week as the company announced a conversion kit to allow long-haul trucks to run on the resource.  More »

Pangea seeks approval for natural gas export plant in Texas

Pangea LNG Holdings is seeking to build a plant in south Texas that would liquefy natural gas and sell it overseas, joining a flurry of firms asking the government for approval to export the fossil fuel.  More »

Coal power plants to lose up to a quarter of capacity by 2035

Stiffer environmental regulations and the falling price of natural gas could cause the nation to lose between 15 percent and 24 percent of coal power generation by 2035, according to a GAO forecast.  More »

Natural gas advocates push CNG as cheaper fuel for trucking fleets

A detailed formula developed by the Drive Natural Gas Initiative calculates that a fleet of small delivery trucks would cost $72,543 each over their lifetime running on diesel, compared to $50,072 on compressed natural gas.  More »

Top senators push for natural gas exports

The United States stands to get a big political and economic boost by allowing exports of liquefied natural gas to Japan and other countries, top senators said Wednesday.  More »

Baker Hughes using natural gas in fracturing jobs

Baker Hughes has converted a fleet of its most fuel-intensive equipment used in hydraulic fracturing to run partially on natural gas, the company said Monday.  More »

Clean diesel rolls Christmas tree to D.C.

“No other energy source or fuel could have provided the combination of power, efficiency, fuel availability and near-zero emissions that this advanced clean diesel truck provided,” said Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum, in a statement.  More »

Despite carbon concerns, new coal plants planned globally

About 1,200 coal-fired power plants have been proposed worldwide, including 36 in the United States, according to a report by World Resources Institute.  More »

Industry confident about future of U.S. natural gas

About 92 percent of respondents to a survey said they are optimistic that the natural gas industry will grow in North America, driven by power generation and exports.  More »

IEA: U.S. changes illustrate “intensifying” world connection

Among the analysis in the International Energy Agency’s report this week projecting the United States will lead the world in oil production by 2020 was a reference to how the natural gas boom is rippling across the globe.  More »
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