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Texas manufacturing sluggish as energy sector slows down

Manufacturing activity in Texas was flat for the second consecutive month in February, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas revealed in its latest survey on the sector.  More »

Groups tell Obama: Don’t wait on Keystone

WASHINGTON — Forty-four groups representing oil companies, truckers, manufacturers and other interests on Tuesday implored Secretary of State John Kerry to approve the Keystone XL pipeline that would ferry Canadian crude to the Gulf Coast.  More »

Unions raise heat on Senate to approve Keystone XL

Labor unions are beseeching senators to pass legislation that would approve the Keystone XL pipeline by circumventing a government review process that threatens to stretch into 2015.  More »

Manufacturing boom needs workers, reforms

The energy boom has led to a surge in manufacturing plant openings and announcements, but that growth is being endangered by politics, the president of the nation’s manufacturing lobbying group said Tuesday in Houston.  More »

Gas export delays could violate world treaty, group says

A group of manufacturers argued Tuesday that the U.S. government is moving too slowly to approve new export facilities for natural gas and coal, potentially exposing the nation to legal action from members of the World Trade Organization.  More »

British government joins BP’s fight against contract suspension

BP picked up new allies in its fight against a suspension from new government contracts, as oil industry and business groups filed a legal brief labeling the punishment an “overreach” by the Obama administration.  More »

Executives to Obama: Rejecting pipeline would threaten economy

More than 160 business executives on Thursday warned President Barack Obama that rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline would send a dangerous signal to investors and threaten U.S. economic growth.  More »

LNG export critics call on Energy Dept. for time out

With the Obama administration on Wednesday approving a fourth company’s plans to sell natural gas overseas, some lawmakers and manufacturers said it’s time for the federal government to reassess the economic risks of those export approvals.  More »

US drilling boom boosting family incomes by $1,200 a year, report finds

The surge in domestic drilling that has transformed parts of North Dakota, Arkansas and Pennsylvania into modern-day boomtowns is causing ripple effects across the entire U.S. economy, spurring investments in new chemical plants and trimming household bills, according to a report released Wednesday.  More »

Oil companies and environmentalists ask for changes in feds’ fracturing rule

Oil companies, environmentalists, hunters and Texas regulators are weighing in on new federal mandates proposed for hydraulic fracturing and drilling on public lands. Here is a sampling of some of the submissions, as the deadline for filing public comments approaches.  More »

Republicans push bill to force Keystone XL approval

Republican lawmakers on Tuesday worked on two fronts to advance legislation that would force approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.  More »

Senators grapple with free trade questions surrounding natural gas exports

Senators grappled with the thorny issue of natural gas exports on Tuesday, as even self-proclaimed free-market enthusiasts questioned whether some federal limits are needed to constrain U.S. prices and give a boost to domestic manufacturing.  More »

Huntsman joins campaign against natural gas exports

Widening the rift over exports of U.S. natural gas, Huntsman Corp. has joined a coalition campaigning against more foreign sales of the fossil fuel. The move follows Dow Chemical’s decision to break ties with the National Association of Manufacturers over the dispute.  More »

EPA power plant rules will boost supply chains and create jobs, group says

Two future emissions rules for power plants would encourage electric utilities to spend cash they’ve held onto during the sluggish economic recovery, creating jobs and increasing business for the power sector’s supply-chain companies, a group said in a report. The group also has challenged claims by Texans and others that the two EPA rules would cost jobs.  More »