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European leaders plead for more natural gas exports

Natural gas export boosters have seized on the Ukraine crisis to leverage plans to accelerate U.S. government approvals to sell more of the fossil fuel overseas. But now that the Senate is tackling a $1 billion Ukraine aid package, the zeal to act immediately may be cooling.  More »

Senators push leaders on extending wind tax credit

A bipartisan group of 10 senators asked the chamber’s leaders to move legislation that would extend a wind-energy tax credit beyond 2012, saying the provision has helped foster the industry’s growth in the United States.  More »

BLM proposes scaling back oil shale, tar sands development

The Bureau of Land Management on Friday proposed scaling back a George W. Bush-era plan to lease Western lands for development of oil shale and tar sands.  More »

Revenue-sharing controversy sinks bill to boost offshore drilling safety

Legislation that would boost offshore drilling safety was thrown into limbo today, after senators clashed over a plan to give coastal states a greater share of federal revenues for energy produced near their beaches.  More »