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What the bankruptcy of TXU’s parent means for consumers

As news of Energy Future Holdings’ bankruptcy filing spread Tuesday, advocates and economists disagreed about what, exactly, it may mean for the customers 1.7 million retail customers.  More »

Utility’s bankruptcy wouldn’t cut customers’ lights

Dallas-based Energy Future Holdings is hovering on the brink of bankruptcy, but should it tumble, the lights will continue to shine for Houston-based customers.  More »

Guest commentary: Low, stable natural gas price keeps heating bills in check

Daniel Whitten, of the trade association America’s Natural Gas Alliance, says the price of natural gas is stable, despite a predictable uptick when cold weather increases heating demand.  More »

Luminant restarts power units early as natural gas prices rise

Luminant is bringing three coal-fired power units back online two months earlier than originally planned, saying higher natural gas prices now make the plants economic to run.  More »

Luminant suspends nuclear plant expansion bid

The owner of a North Texas nuclear power plant has tabled its request for federal permission to expand.  More »

Report tallies Texas nuclear plant violations

An unreleased report says two Texas nuclear power plants each experienced more than 150 lower-level safety violations from 2000 through 2012.  More »

EPA sues Luminant over Texas clean air violation claims

Luminant Generation Co., the largest power generator in Texas, was sued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for failing to meet air-pollution standards at two power plants, the Sierra Club said in a statement.  More »

Natural gas boom cools nuclear prospects — for now

Cheap natural gas, high construction costs and a disaster in Japan have combined to dim prospects for a resurgence in nuclear power — especially in Texas’ unregulated market where utility companies must bear all of the financial risk of building new plants.  More »

Drought puts drain on water supplies for power plants

As drought continues, Texans’ thirst for electricity is drawing down supplies of the water needed to quench it.  More »

N. Texas nuke plant unit shut down for cooling pump repair

High-temperature readings in a cooling pump forced the shutdown of one of the units at the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant in North Texas.  More »

Report: EPA will give some states, companies more time on cross-state rule

The EPA may give some states and power plant operators more time to comply with a cross state emissions rule set to go into effect on Jan. 1, says the Wall Street Journal.  More »

Texas sues EPA over cross-state pollution rules

The State of Texas follows power plant operator Luminant in filing a suit against the EPA, saying it didn’t allow enough time for the state to comply with new emissions rules set to begin Jan. 1, 2011.  More »

Is it really do-or-die for Texas power plants on Jan. 1?

Luminant has said it has no choice but to shut down two power units on Jan. 1 in response to new EPA rules. Some Wall Street analysts don’t think that’s necessary.  More »

EPA won’t “force the lights to go out” in Texas with emissions rule, official says

A top EPA official Thursday rebuffed concerns that some Texas power plants could shut down because providers might not have enough time to prepare for an upcoming rule for reducing toxic emissions that cross state lines.  More »

Steffy: ‘Don’t blame EPA over Luminant woes’

Make no mistake, the 500 Luminant employees who will lose their jobs later this year are victims, but not of federal over-regulation.  More »
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