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Republicans grill EPA nominee on transparency

Government transparency surfaced Thursday as a major issue during a hearing on Gina McCarthy’s nomination to head the Environmental Protection Agency, as senators complained about hidden emails and opaque cost-impact studies on proposed regulations.  More »

Top EPA contender draws fire

Senate Republicans are stepping up their complaints about the Environmental Protection Agency’s top clean air official, Gina MCCarthy, as she emerges as President Barack Obama’s likely pick to head the agency.  More »

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar leaving

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will leave his post in March with a mixed legacy on energy development, having approved the nation’s first major wind and solar installations on federal lands, but drawing fire from energy companies for “sluggish” permitting of oil and gas projects on U.S. property.  More »

Obama to nominate Washington governor as EPA chief, source says

A senior source in Washington’s congressional delegation says outgoing Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire will be nominated to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  More »

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson resigns

Jackson has drawn the ire of oil industry leaders during her four years at the helm, particularly during an EPA review of hydraulic fracturing.  More »

Who might lead Energy, Interior and EPA under Romney, Obama

Although neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney has specifically said who would lead the departments of Energy and Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency under their watches, the candidates have given some signals about the kinds of people they would choose.  More »

EPA proposes limits on power plant greenhouse gas emissions

EPA has proposed its first-ever limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, but the rules would not apply to existing plants or ones scheduled for completion within a year.  More »

Energy group, crying political influence, seeks Keystone documents

The Institute for Energy Research filed a public records request for U.S. government documents pertaining to the Keystone XL pipeline in trying to assess their concerns that the Obama administration’s denial of a cross-border permit for the project stemmed from political motivations.  More »

EPA says some homes’ water meets health standards

Water belonging to 11 homes in a Pennsylvania township met federal health standards, the Environmental Protection Agency said late Thursday, amid residents’ concerns about whether hydraulic fracturing by Houston-based Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. may have polluted it.  More »

Environmental Group Backs State Regulation of Fracking

Charged with ensuring that hydraulic fracturing done within their borders is safe for the environment, states across the nation have shown America they are up to the task. For example, Texas recently instituted strong disclosure laws for operators. New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation has spent over three years preparing a comprehensive plan to ensure […]  More »

Inhofe asks EPA about Pavillion and fracking

The ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is asking the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for more information about an EPA investigation into groundwater contamination in a Wyoming gas field.  More »

Committee sends “farm dust” bill to House floor

The House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday cleared a controversial bill meant to block federal regulation of particulate dust emitted from agricultural activities and rural roads. But Democrats and environmentalists have had a real beef with it — they say it could block the EPA from regulating power plants too.  More »

Video: Administrator Lisa Jackson talks about the EPA

Recently, Jackson spoke with energyNOW! about new regulations that Republicans have dubbed “job killing” and why she didn’t resign after President Barack Obama delayed new ozone standards.  More »

EPA power plant rules will boost supply chains and create jobs, group says

Two future emissions rules for power plants would encourage electric utilities to spend cash they’ve held onto during the sluggish economic recovery, creating jobs and increasing business for the power sector’s supply-chain companies, a group said in a report. The group also has challenged claims by Texans and others that the two EPA rules would cost jobs.  More »

Report says power plants are taxing U.S. freshwater supplies

Citing Texas as a prime example, a new report argues U.S. freshwater resources are increasingly burdened by electricity generating plants.  More »
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