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Seven things to know about ethanol

Billed as a green replacement for billions of gallons of gasoline, ethanol has enjoyed widespread political support. But the results of America’s ethanol policy have not been as green as advertised.  More »

Shale grab in US stalls as falling values repel buyers

Oil companies are hitting the brakes on a U.S. shale land grab that produced an abundance of cheap natural gas — and troubles for the industry.  More »

Mineral rights get top billing in land sales

Not long ago you could buy as much ranch land as you wanted in South Texas, with the mineral rights to boot. After the Eagle Ford? Not so much.  More »

More oil and gas money going to the state

Oil companies bid more than $11.5 million to drill on state lands, with the bulk of the money going to the Permanent School Fund, which benefits primary and secondary education in Texas, the state‚Äôs General Land Office announced this week.  More »

Keystone XL work veers onto wrong land

TransCanada contractors building the Keystone XL pipeline mistakenly planned their route and cleared several hundred feet of land through property they had no right to work on, an Angelina County official told FuelFix.  More »