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Noble pleads guilty to violations involving Arctic drillship

Noble Corp. pleaded guilty Monday to eight criminal charges tied to pollution, propulsion and record keeping problems with the two drilling rigs that bored Arctic oil wells for Shell in 2012.  More »

U.S. could press for international Arctic drilling standards

The United States may use its role heading the Arctic Council to push for standards governing oil drilling and development throughout the region, the Obama administration’s top Arctic envoy said Tuesday.  More »

Coast Guard blames 2012 Arctic rig grounding on bad decisions

Coast Guard investigators on Thursday rapped Shell Oil Co. and its contractors for failing to heed the dangers of towing a drilling rig across stormy Alaska waters in late 2012 — a voyage that ended when it ran aground on New Year’s Eve.  More »

Top 10 energy stories of 2013

Check out which blockbuster energy stories the FuelFix staff ranked as the nation’s most important of 2013. Then vote for the news that you think rocked the industry enough to qualify as one of the year’s biggest moments.  More »

Shell announces return to Arctic in 2014 despite mishaps

Shell officials on Thursday said the oil company plans to make another, dramatically scaled-back bid to find crude in Arctic waters, following a headline-grabbing 2012 season that left the firm with a devastated drilling rig, air pollution fines and embarrassing equipment failures. But there are major hurdles for Shell to restart its Arctic drilling operations in 2014.  More »

Shell responds to $1.1 million Arctic pollution deal

Shell’s troubled quest for Arctic oil in 2012 — now capped with a $1.1 million fine for environmental violations — will make the company better prepared to return to the region, a spokesman said Friday.  More »

Shell to pay $1.1 million in fines to settle with EPA over Arctic drilling

In a settlement with the federal government announced late Thursday, Shell Oil Co. will pay $1.1 million in fines to settle claims that it violated air pollution permits while drilling in U.S. Arctic waters last year.  More »

Shell rig left Alaska port to avoid taxes, company official testifies

Shell’s Kulluk oil drilling rig left Dutch Harbor in December to avoid the prospect of millions in taxes, a Shell official revealed Saturday in testimony to a Coast Guard investigation panel.  More »

Coast Guard to take testimony on Shell’s Arctic grounding

The Coast Guard will kick off hearings Monday on how a Shell rig used for Arctic Ocean exploratory drilling ended up aground off a remote Alaska island.  More »

Shipping riskier than drilling in Arctic, senator says

News reports focused on Arctic drilling problems experienced by Shell, but the unregulated ship traffic is a bigger concern up North, said Begich, D-Alaska.  More »

Feds release findings from Arctic drilling probe

The Obama administration on Thursday released the findings of a high-level probe of Shell’s problem-plagued 2012 Arctic drilling season that could dictate what energy companies must do to safeguard future oil exploration in the region.  More »

Vessels heaving Arctic rigs to Asian shipyards for repair

A massive oceangoing dry-dock is hauling an Arctic drillship to Korea for repair, and another rig is about to make a similar journey, after problems surfaced once the vessels bored exploratory wells for Shell north of Alaska.  More »

Coast Guard documented 16 deficiencies on Arctic drillship

The drillship used to bore part of an Arctic oil well for Shell last summer lacked sufficient propulsion power, had engine problems and posed fire hazards, according to a Coast Guard inspection of the vessel last November and released on Friday.  More »

Coast Guard lifts detention order for Arctic drilling rig

Shell’s once-grounded Arctic drilling rig is now free to begin its long trek to an Asian shipyard for repairs, with the Coast Guard’s decision Thursday to lift a detention order that has been keeping the vessel in Alaska’s Kiliuda Bay.  More »

Activists target Obama with anti-Arctic drilling ad

Arctic drilling and a climate change crusade don’t mix, environmentalists are asserting today in half-page advertisements in USA Today aimed squarely at President Barack Obama.  More »
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