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Western candidates top list of prospects to head Interior

Oil and gas industry say President Barack Obama should tap a new Interior Secretary who has deep experience dealing with energy development on public lands.  More »

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar leaving

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will leave his post in March with a mixed legacy on energy development, having approved the nation’s first major wind and solar installations on federal lands, but drawing fire from energy companies for “sluggish” permitting of oil and gas projects on U.S. property.  More »

Support grows for more offshore drilling oversight

A top Obama administration official joined engineers and environmentalists Thursday in calling for a federal safety institute dedicated to keeping pace with the offshore drilling industry as it moves into deeper waters and ever-more challenging frontiers.  More »

Salazar cites ‘troubling sense’ about Arctic drilling mishaps

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday he is concerned about the series of blunders surrounding Shell’s recent Arctic drilling and is looking to a government investigation for answers. Salazar stopped short of saying Shell would be able to resume drilling exploratory oil wells in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas this summer.  More »

Who should be the next energy secretary?

We need someone who can find a middle ground, who can allay some of the unfounded fears about fracking, promote public understanding of the energy opportunity we now face, yet also help the industry embrace better standards of transparency and safety.  More »

Feds order Arctic drilling probe after rig accident

The federal government has opened a probe into the grounding of Shell’s Arctic drilling rig Kulluk, and investigation that could set back the company’s multibillion-dollar effort to explore in Alaska’s Chukchi and Beaufort seas.  More »

Interior launches broad probe of Shell’s Arctic drilling program

The Obama administration ordered a broad review of Shell’s Arctic drilling program on Tuesday, following a series of mishaps that culminated when the company’s Kulluk rig ran aground on New Year’s Eve. The move calls into question whether Shell Oil Co. will be allowed to continue its hunt for crude under the Chukchi and Beaufort seas north of Alaska, after spending $5 billion and more than six years on the quest.  More »

Administration says pipelines would be allowed in petroleum reserve

Advocates of Arctic oil exploration remain skeptical about a plan for managing wildlife and oil production in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska despite Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s assurance Wednesday that the plan won’t prevent the construction of new pipelines there.  More »

Democrat pushes for answers on failed test of Arctic spill response system

A top House Democrat is pressing the Obama administration for new details about the government-monitored test of a key Arctic oil spill response system that appeared to be “crushed like a beer can” during a sea trial in September.  More »

Commitment to Gulf affirmed

No one expects Wednesday’s sale of drilling rights in the western Gulf of Mexico to break any records. But for the offshore drilling industry, that may be a good thing. Analysts noted that a less-than-stellar auction could be evidence that industry is confident that future sales will take place on a predictable schedule.  More »

Republicans press administration to defend economics of offshore wind

Two Republican senators are pressing the Obama administration to explain the math behind a decision to allow an offshore wind facility in leased waters off Delaware’s coast while blocking oil drilling in the same region.  More »

Feds offer details on western Gulf lease sale

The Obama administration today rolled out more details on its Nov. 28 auction of drilling rights in the western Gulf of Mexico, when oil and gas companies will have a chance to snap up more than 20 million acres.  More »
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