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Exxon predicts fossil fuels will reign supreme through 2040

Oil and gas will provide the bulk of the energy needed to fuel the world by 2040, with most of it coming from North America, Russia and the Middle East, Exxon Mobil predicted Thursday.  More »

Oil companies break with trade group on renewable fuel mandate

The oil and gas industry’s top trade groups doggedly insist that Congress must completely scrap a federal mandate that forces gasoline makers to blend in ethanol and other renewable fuels. But not all oil companies are on board.  More »

Oil industry battles back on natural gas exports

The oil and gas industry on Thursday stepped up its fight for natural gas exports and criticized a new coalition of manufacturers that wants to restrict foreign sales of the fossil fuel.  More »

‘Energy independence’ on the outs

Forget “energy independence.” Now the new catchphrase in the nation’s capital is “energy security.”  More »

Exxon Mobil veep: ‘It’s not easy being us’

Apparently, it’s lonely at the top. “It’s not easy being us,” said Exxon Mobil’s top lobbyist today after he was asked about a critical ad campaign and a push to strip universities of their fossil fuel investments.  More »

Exxon Mobil predicts surge in electricity from nuclear & natural gas at the expense of coal

Natural gas and nuclear power could help meet a surging demand for electricity across the globe over the next three decades as growing environmental concerns and costs start to price coal out of the market, Exxon Mobil predicted today.  More »

Exxon fires back at NYT editorial on oil industry taxes

An Exxon exec cries foul about a New York Times editorial that painted oil companies as spoiled crybabies, whining about a plan by Senate Democrats to repeal a host of industry tax breaks.  More »

Industry: No such thing as ‘idle leases’

A government report that depicted a majority of oil and gas leases as idle is misleading at best and leaves out a lot of realities, says the industry. But neither side is innocent of leaving out context to score points with the general public.  More »