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Lawmakers consider setting deadline for Obama’s Keystone XL decision

A bipartisan coalition of House and Senate members on Tuesday said they are considering an array of options to speed up a final verdict on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, now that a State Department analysis raised no major environmental objections to the controversial project.  More »

GOP senators demand decision on Keystone XL

Republican senators on Friday asked President Barack Obama to make a final decision soon on whether to permit the Keystone XL pipeline that would link Canada’s oil sands with Gulf Coast refineries.  More »

Wreck investigators urge tighter rules for oil trains

U.S. and Canadian authorities investigating recent fiery derailments are recommending tighter regulations for oil-carrying trains.  More »

In N. Dakota, derailment strengthens pipeline push

The explosive derailment of an oil train near Casselton last month has North Dakota’s senators pushing harder than ever for expanded oil pipelines.  More »

FBI plan to put agents in Bakken Shale sparks flap

Crime on both sides of the states’ border has spiked as thousands of new workers brings drug traffickers in their wake.  More »

Senator criticizes federal timetable for new rail tanker rules

The Department of Transportation needs to speed up its timeline for finalizing new rules on the construction of rail tanker cars, Sen. John Hoeven said Wednesday.  More »

Senator: Rail accidents put spotlight on pipeline needs (video)

Fiery explosions involving oil-carrying trains help make the case for Keystone XL and other new pipelines to transport the crude, Republican Sen. John Hoeven says.  More »

Senators: More scrutiny needed after train explosions

Leading Democratic senators said the Obama administration needs to step up its scrutiny of safeguards governing oil transport, following train derailments and explosions.  More »

North Dakota delegation to meet with officials on derailment

Members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation say they plan to press federal officials for more information about a tanker derailment and fiery explosion outside of Casselton.  More »

Efficiency bill becomes magnet for oil industry wish list

A popular proposal to boost the energy efficiency of federal buildings has become a magnet for an oil industry wish list, as senators on Thursday sought to use the measure to advance other initiatives limiting environmental regulations and urging approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.  More »

Senate energy efficiency debate becomes battleground

The Senate on Wednesday plunged into its biggest debate on energy policy in years, by taking up a modest, bipartisan bill that aims to boost the efficiency of buildings nationwide. But despite the measure’s wide popularity and narrow scope, the Senate debate on the bill is poised to become a battleground for fighting out an array of controversial energy issues, including whether the Obama administration should approve TransCanada Corp.’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline.  More »

Environmentalists: Keystone XL fails Obama’s test

Environmentalists on Thursday asserted that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline fails President Barack Obama’s test for approval, because it would exacerbate global warming.  More »
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