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Interior Department sees leadership shuffle

Tommy Beaudreau, the Interior Department official who helped oversee the restructuring of the federal agency that oversees offshore drilling following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, is leaving his post.  More »

Recent accidents highlight shallow water dangers, departing regulator says

Recent accidents at offshore oil and gas facilities highlight the risks of producing energy on the shallow continental shelf as well as the Gulf of Mexico’s deepest frontiers, said a departing U.S. regulator James Watson.  More »

Feds push stricter rules for offshore production systems

The Obama administration on Wednesday proposed a rule to tighten standards for oil and gas production systems used offshore, in a bid to keep pace with the industry’s march into deeper waters and more challenging terrain.  More »

Obama administration names new offshore drilling regulator

The Obama administration is once again tapping a Coast Guard veteran to be the nation’s next chief offshore drilling regulator. Former Coast Guard Vice Adm. Brian Salerno will take over as director of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement later this month, succeeding James Watson in the role.  More »

Lawmakers press feds for info on blowout preventer mandates

A dozen lawmakers are pressing the Obama administration to outline its plans for tightening standards on emergency equipment used to safeguard offshore oil wells.  More »

Top offshore drilling regulator stepping down

The nation’s top offshore drilling regulator is set to step down later this year, just as the federal government drafts new rules to boost the safety of coastal oil exploration.  More »

Preparing for hurricanes, 1,200 miles away from the Gulf

One thousand miles away from the Gulf of Mexico, scientists and government officials will be huddling on June 27 to strategize ways to safeguard offshore oil platforms and pipelines when hurricanes bear down on the infrastructure.  More »

Feds launch new offshore safety institute

Three years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster put a new focus on the risks of offshore drilling, the Interior Department on Wednesday announced it would create a new institute focused on boosting the safety of coastal oil and gas development.  More »

Offshore industry moves toward audits of safety systems

Oil and gas companies working offshore have until June 4, 2015 to let outside auditors examine their new government-mandated safety programs, but right now, there aren’t any investigators qualified to do the job, experts said Thursday.  More »

New blowout preventer mandates coming — but companies won’t have to comply overnight

Federal regulators are on track to propose new standards for boosting the reliability and performance of emergency devices safeguarding offshore wells later this year — but that doesn’t mean the industry will have to comply overnight.  More »

Q&A: Drilling regulator James Watson

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Director James Watson talks about coming new regulations with FuelFix ahead of a speech at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.  More »

Feds, industry workers finish test of emergency offshore equipment

A week-long drill testing how the oil industry and federal regulators would respond to an out-of-control Gulf of Mexico well wrapped up late Monday, with government officials deeming the exercise a success.  More »

Interior secretary, drilling regulators to visit Offshore Technology Conference

The nation’s top offshore drilling regulators will visit the Offshore Technology Conference on Wednesday to tour the massive exhibit floor where more than 2,000 companies have their wares on display. The newly sworn-in interior secretary, Sally Jewell, will make an appearance, alongside Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement director James Watson and Tommy Beaudreau, the head of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.  More »

Offshore operators seek clarity on regulations

The pace of regulatory change has slowed since the days just after the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, but oil companies and offshore contractors are still dealing with repercussions.  More »

Feds launch test of Helix offshore spill containment system

In deep Gulf of Mexico waters on Tuesday, federal regulators and the oil industry launched a drill meant to test whether emergency equipment and first responders are ready to tackle an out-of-control subsea well.  More »
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