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Company plans $2B Ethiopian power project on imploded volcano

Reykjavik Geothermal, the Icelandic power-plant builder, plans to begin drilling in Ethiopia by July as part of a $2 billion project to develop the renewable energy source, Chief Operating Officer Gunnar Orn Gunnarsson said.  More »

Bernanke: Energy ‘a bright spot’ in recovering economy

The national oil and gas boom may have created a quarter of the jobs U.S. employers have added to payrolls since the economic downturn began six years ago, former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday.  More »

European green energy fears losing investments on ‘weak’ targets

Wind and solar power producers said they’re at risk of losing investment after the European Union’s executive arm scrapped proposals for a mandatory target on renewable energy in 2030.  More »

Activists to push DC fossil fuel investment ban

Environmental activists are planning a rally in support of legislation that would ban the District of Columbia from investing in companies with large reserves of fossil fuels.  More »

Bill would make Vermont 1st state to drop oil stocks

To Sen. Anthony Pollina, it makes sense that if Vermont wants to strike a blow against climate change, it should have its pension funds divest from oil, coal and other fossil fuel companies.  More »

Coal investors’ backlash draws parallels to tobacco

About $8 trillion of known coal reserves lie beneath the earth’s surface. The companies planning to mine and burn them are being targeted by a growing group of investors concerned with the greenhouse gases that will be made.  More »

Oil’s $5 trillion Permian boom threatened by $70 crude

Bryan Sheffield, a third-generation oil wildcatter in Texas’ Permian Basin, knows what he’ll do if crude drops to $80 a barrel: shut down half his drilling rigs.  More »

Abu Dhabi boosts oil output in $40 billion plan

Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. is pumping about 1.5 million barrels of crude a day from its main onshore fields and is halfway through a planned $40 billion investment plan, company officials said.  More »

Exxon to fund Arctic research in Russia

Exxon Mobil Corp. will invest $200 million in a research center in Russia that will support its Arctic exploration there, the company said late Tuesday.  More »

Industry giant GE aims to improve fracturing

One of America’s corporate giants is investing billions of dollars in the new boom of oil and gas drilling, or fracturing.  More »

Guest Commentary: Where certainty leads, innovation follows

Pierre Gauthier, president and CEO of Alstom U.S. and Canada, calls on policymakers to establish clear targets for future investment in research and development, to foster technology development in the private sector.  More »

Clean technology investors shift focus to drilling

As profits from wind, solar, biofuels and other alternatives have fallen short of expectations — and as the fossil fuel business boomed — venture capitalists have stretched the definition of clean technology to fuel clean technology investment funds.  More »
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