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Ranked: Oil industry brands sluggish as tech value soars

Brand value for oil and gas companies grew just 3 percent during the past year, a slower rate than all other industries in an annual global ranking released this week by research agency Millward Brown.  More »

See? Webster says you spell it with a K

Weighing in on a debate over how to spell the shortened term for the well stimulation process called “hydraulic fracturing,” Webster goes with “frack” and “fracking.”  More »

Calif. county considers fracturing ban

For the past several months, Santa Barbara County Water Guardians have worked to collect enough signatures to propose a ban on hydraulic fracturing.  More »

Dominion LNG export project clears U.S. environmental review

Dominion Resources plan to export liquefied natural gas cleared a U.S. environmental review, a key step toward final approval as supporters in Congress seek to expedite overseas shipments of the fuel.  More »

Rangeland building oil and gas hub in New Mexico

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez applauded the company’s investment in the state.  More »

Ohio House plans vote on tax hike for oil drillers

The bill imposes a 2.5-percent severance tax on horizontal wells, including those extracting resources through hydraulic fracturing.  More »

Texas oil and gas regulator warns against ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to quakes

“A knee-jerk reaction could have a negative impact on our economy because of the large role the oil and gas industry plays here,” a lead industry regulator testified at a subcommittee hearing in Austin.  More »

Fed government failed to inspect higher risk oil wells

The government has failed to inspect thousands of oil and gas wells it considers potentially high risks for water contamination and other environmental damage, congressional investigators say.  More »

Drilling pioneer sees fracking from sea to shining sea

It’s time for the shale revolution to push west, says geologist Kent Bowker. Pressed to reveal a more specific location for his “super-secret” potential bonanza, Bowker joked, “Is this guy a landman?”  More »

EPA considers requiring disclosure of fracking chemicals

The agency could require companies to give the government details on what’s being used to break apart shale rock and release trapped oil and gas, according to a notice today on Reginfo.gov.  More »

UK minister: New life coming to the North Sea

The United Kingdom’s Minister of State for Business and Energy Michael Fallon speaks to FuelFix about the future of oil and gas production in the North Sea and how Britain is preparing for hydraulic fracturing.  More »

Poll: Economics trump environment on energy issues

When it comes to energy, more Americans are concerned about protecting their pocketbook than the environment.  More »