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Lower sticker price keeps gasoline vehicles competitive with alternatives

Improved fuel efficiency is keeping gasoline cars cost-competitive with alternative fuel rivals, according to a government report that factors in the higher cost of the alternative vehicles along with their fuel savings.  More »

Some Key Takeaways from BP’s Latest Outlook to 2035

Here are the key observations and takeaways from BP’s recently released 20-year forecast on global energy.  More »

Houston’s growing alternative-fuel fleet among nation’s largest

The nation’s oil capital has become a model for progress in electrically powered vehicles, boasting the nation’s third-largest municipal hybrid fleet, according to new report from advocacy group Electrification Coalition.  More »

Houston plant powers Ford’s push to hybrids (photos)

Amid an expanse of warehouses and industrial parks churning out machinery for the oil industry lies a plant that Ford is using to help car owners burn less fuel.  More »

Guest Commentary: How to jump-start the Energy Security Trust

Rather than waiting for President Obama’s proposed Energy Security Trust to produce tomorrow’s technology, the federal government should use the tens of billions of dollars it spends today on trucking and delivery services to promote alternative fuel technologies and fleets that currently exist.  More »

Tech Talk – Shell Looks to the Future

Each year the larger oil production companies provide their views of the future, and I recently reviewed that for ExxonMobil. Shell has now produced their projections, though in a somewhat different format as the document “New Lens Scenarios”, whic…  More »

Forecast shows more hybrids, electric vehicles in 2013

With automakers focused on low- and alternative-fuel vehicles, declining gasoline prices have become their “worst nightmare,” said automotive analyst Alan Baum  More »

What electric/hybrid vehicles are most likely to succeed?

Several car companies are set to release new electric/hybrid models in the coming years, but which cars have the best chance of winning over the hearts of Americans?  More »