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Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Defies Al Gore

In 1917, Albert Einstein plugged what he dubbed the “cosmological constant” into his equations explaining why the universe didn’t collapse under its own gravity. He later abandoned the concept, calling it his “biggest blunder.” Today, three astronomers won the Nobel prize for proving Einstein’s original theory correct. It’s no surprise that modern scientists are still […]
A polar bear in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (AP file photo/Subhankar Banerjee)

EPA cut corners on report behind climate regs

The Obama administration cut corners when it produced a key scientific document underpinning its decision to regulate climate-changing pollution, an internal government watchdog said today.
Atop roughly two miles of ice, technician Marie McLane launches a data-transmitting weather balloon at Summit Station, a remote research site operated by the U.S. National Science Foundation, and situated 10,500 feet above sea level, on top of the Greenland ice sheet. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Are Americans allergic to global warming?

Tucked between treatises on algae and prehistoric turquoise beads, the study on page 460 of a long-ago issue of the U.S. journal Science drew little attention.
(Romas Dabrukas/AP Photo)

Paper on climate financing targets fuel subsidies

A paper prepared by global financial institutions on how to mobilize funds to fight climate change recommends trimming subsidies for fossil fuels and putting a price on carbon emissions of $25 a ton.
Dust permeates the air at a Chesapeake Energy Co. hydraulic fracturing operation at a well site near Carrizo Springs, Texas. (John Davenport/San Antonio Express News)

Study: Natural gas won’t slow down climate change

Relying more on natural gas and less on coal would do “little” to slow down global warming despite far less carbon dioxide being released, a new study found.

Climate Science Money Trail Calls into Question Motive of Editor’s Resignation

As President Clinton famously once observed, politics is a contact sport. And the politics surrounding climate science is no exception. The latest example stems from the climate establishment’s reaction to a research paper by University of Alabama climatologist Roy Spencer published in the geography journal, Remote Sensing. (Dr. Spencer, who also happens to be on […]
(Photo: Houston Chronicle)

Gore: Eat less meat in fight against global warming

Global warming crusader Al Gore says meat heavy diets might be partly responsible for global warming.

Energy and Adapting to the Changing Climate

As Houston and Texas set new temperature and drought records, the power grid has come under increased stress.  Not just from demand, but because the water for cooling of some steam generation plants has become too warm for the the generation system.  While scientists have considered this possibility, the scale of the problem in Texas is quite problematic.  […]
(Photo: Mobility, Flickr)

Climate-change scientist cleared in closing of U.S. data-altering inquiry

Michael Mann, a Pennsylvania researcher who’s been a target of climate-change skeptics, was cleared of wrongdoing by U.S. investigators in the flap surrounding e-mails hacked from a U.K. university.

NOAA Report Forecast: Unreliable with a Chance of Spin

Every January, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) releases a temperature report asserting that the previous year was of the warmest on record. Its latest report, published this week, was no exception: “According to NOAA scientists, 2010 tied with 2005 as the warmest year of the global surface temperature record, beginning in 1880. This […]