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EIA to cast new data into oil export debate

The U.S. Energy Information Administration is on track next month to issue two highly anticipated reports that will shape the debate over exporting crude, including an analysis of how the price of oil around the globe affects gasoline costs inside the United States.  More »

Gasoline prices hit lowest Aug. 1 price in four years.

Drivers across the country are experiencing their lowest Aug. 1 gasoline prices in four years as traders’ concerns about instability in Iraq and Ukraine start to ease, analysts at GasBuddy said.  More »

AAA: Gas prices flat or down slightly this Memorial Day

An estimated 36.1 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles this holiday weekend, the highest total since the recession, AAA forecasts.  More »

Gasoline prices falling ahead of July 4

Gasoline prices have fallen to a five-month low in advance of the busy July 4 travel weekend, but pump prices on Independence Day will still be the third highest recorded on the holiday, AAA said Tuesday.  More »

Gas prices hold steady for holiday travel

Drivers paid $3.42 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Houston Friday, up one cent from a week ago but down 12 cents from last Memorial Day.  More »

Lower summer gasoline prices in forecast

The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects the retail price for regular gasoline will average $3.63 per gallon during this summer’s driving season, slightly below average prices over the last two summers.  More »

Pickens pitches plan for breaking OPEC’s grip

To understand why it’s important, look no farther than the nearest gasoline pump.  More »

What’s behind the gas price runup? Depends on whom you ask

Some lawmakers and regulators pin the blame on financial speculators trading futures contracts for oil. Or it could be a collision of planned maintenance and unexpected outages at some of the nation’s refineries, which are keeping gasoline supplies low, despite a boon in domestic crude production.  More »

Republicans use gasoline-price angst to fuel attacks

Republicans are tapping into anger over rising gasoline prices by launching a fresh attack on congressional Democrats for failing to offer a “serious solution” to the problem.  More »

Crude and gasoline prices will drop through 2014, EIA projects

The price of Brent crude oil on average is expected to decline slightly this year and next year, compared to the average price in 2012, the federal energy data agency said.  More »

Don’t get too excited about gas below $3

While the weak economy has kept U.S. energy demand in check, prices have increased because if oil companies can’t sell refined products such as gasoline here, they can find ready buyers overseas.  More »

7.3% of your paycheck goes in the tank

Texas drivers spent 7.3 percent of their income on gasoline in 2011, making them among the most vulnerable motorists nationwide to climbing fuel prices, according to a report issued Monday.  More »
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