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Petrol Prices At U.K. Gas Stations As Price Of Oil Continues To Fall

One place in the U.S. where gas is still expensive

Drivers on the East Coast, hooked up by pipelines to a bounty of supply from Texas and Louisiana refineries, are paying a record 88 cents a gallon less than their western counterparts, weekly Energy Information Administration data show.
(AP file photo/Mike Derer)

AAA: Millenials are finally buying gasoline

Americans under 35 are almost twice as likely as those above that age to report driving more because of the $1-a-gallon drop in prices at the pump over the past year.

UT Energy Poll: Americans say gasoline prices are geting better (but they’re still too high)

With fuel costs plummeting alongside the collapse in crude oil, more Americans feel they’re getting a fair price at the gasoline pump now than at any time since late 2011.
(Daniel Acker/Bloomberg)

Record gasoline output to curb biggest U.S. oil glut in 85 years

Refiners are enjoying the best margins in two years as they finish seasonal maintenance of their plants before the summer driving season.
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Energy executives create new company in Tulsa

The five businessmen, who have all spent time at oil and gas company Apache Corp., say the company will focus on producing oil and natural gas liquids.
(Photographer: Ty Wright/Bloomberg)

AAA: Cheap summer gasoline on the way

The average price for gasoline in March was $2.43 per gallon, the cheapest for the month in six years.
(Eddie Seal/Texas Tribune)

Report: Cheap crude prices could boost the U.S. economy for another two years

Just three months ago, the group forecast that oil would spike to $85 per barrel by December 2015; now it expects prices below $70 until 2016.
(AP Photo/Reed Saxon, file)

Americans drove more than 3 trillion miles last year

The 33 percent slide at U.S. pumps, combined with an improving job market, touched off a national spending spree on sport utility vehicles, vacations and Christmas presents.

Oil markets, strong production lead US gas prices lower

Los Angeles had the most expensive gas among cities surveyed in the Lower 48 states at $3.29. Charleston, South Carolina, had the cheapest at $2.11.

Gasoline prices falling again on crude plunge

After 40 days of climbing, gasoline prices have started falling again as crude continues to tumble, offsetting seasonal increases in fuel prices.
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