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U.S. households to spend $550 less on gasoline in 2015

The average U.S. household can expect to spend $550 less at the gasoline pump in 2015 thanks to both falling gasoline prices and more fuel-efficient vehicles, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  More »

Ford’s aluminum body F-150 makes its debut

Ford says it’s the first truck to have an aluminum body, and as a result, it weighs about 700 pounds less than previous models.  More »

EPA delays decision on ethanol in gas

Last year the Environmental Protection Agency proposed to reduce the amount of ethanol in fuel for the first time.  More »

Lower sticker price keeps gasoline vehicles competitive with alternatives

Improved fuel efficiency is keeping gasoline cars cost-competitive with alternative fuel rivals, according to a government report that factors in the higher cost of the alternative vehicles along with their fuel savings.  More »

Aluminum Revolution: Ford introduces a new F-150

On Monday, Ford unveils a new F-150 with a body built almost entirely out of aluminum. The change is Ford’s response to small-business owners’ desire for a more fuel-efficient and nimble truck — and stricter government requirements on fuel economy.  More »

Oil industry says sulfur mandates could hurt gasoline supplies

The oil industry’s largest trade group on Thursday said refiners need more time to comply with looming new requirements to pare sulfur from gasoline. The American Petroleum Institute warned that a “rushed timeline” could hurt the nation’s gasoline supply.  More »

Three-wheeled vehicle tackles fuel-efficiency on the cheap

The three-wheeled Elio is about as cheap as a golf cart. And along with a very low price of $6,800, the Elio gets impressive gas mileage.  More »

Gas prices again fueling energy policy debate

Gasoline prices have once again risen to the forefront of energy policy debate, resulting in a political back-and-forth among lawmakers, interest groups and the Obama administration.  More »

EPA To Fine U.S. Gas Producers $6.8 Million For Not Using Nonexistant Fuel

Over the past few years, EPA regulatory initiatives have led to a lot of head scratching over why Lisa Jackson and her lieutenants were acting in ways that made it difficult for the President to spark an economic recovery. The agency’s latest rules (Boiler MACT, Utility MACT, NAAQS revisions, etc.) offer good examples. They represent […]  More »

Shhh, it’s a secret: Congressman says MPG rule written on the sly

A rule requiring automakers to double many vehicles’ fuel economy by 2025 was written “in secret, outside the scope of law” and could be dangerous, Rep. Darrell Issa said Friday. He plans a congressional investigation.  More »

Diesel could fuel refinery comeback

With demand for gasoline declining as drivers cut back, domestic refiners may get new life from an old product – diesel.  More »

White House Proposal To Double Fuel Standards Could Cost 1.7 Million Jobs

After pledging just six months ago to rigorously review existing and proposed regulations to ensure their cost-effectiveness, the Obama administration has continued on its track of frantically issuing regulations that will further hamper economic growth. Just last week, the White House outlined a plan to issue a more stringent set of CAFE regulations this September […]  More »