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Frio County

Jim Wells County abatement officer Hector Zertuche (in pickup truck) inspects trucks near Alice, Texas Friday September 28, 2012. Disposal sites in the county for Eagle Ford shale oil developments has prompted the need for an officer there that will enforce environmental laws.

Texas county combats rise in oil field waste dumping

The waste water injected into Frio County wells has increased from 620,190 barrels in 2010 to more than 10 million barrels last year, the county said.
Drilling continues at the Holdsworth No. 8 site on the Tortuga Ranch in Zavala County, Monday, April 8, 2013. The drilling is an undertaking by San Antonio wildcatter Harvey Howell.

Photos: Wildcatter’s quest takes him to Eagle Ford Shale’s edge

Coming off of a recent dry hole in Frio County, Harvey Howell’s latest venture has taken him to Tortuga Ranch in Zavala County, a land hobbled by drought, but believed to be holding riches thousands of feet below ground.
Harvey Howell, president of H.H. Howell, Inc., an oil and gas exploration company in San Antonio, calls to check the status of the arrival of a drilling rig at his site in Frio County. The third generation wildcatter was investing $1.3 million in the drilling operation, marked by the stake in the foreground. He calculated his odds at finding oil at 10-1 against.

Wildcatter bets big on Eagle Ford’s fringe

Wildcatter Harvey Howell hunts and hopes for elusive reserves on the edge of the booming Eagle Ford shale, without the 3-D seismic imaging and billion-dollar budgets of major oil companies drilling nearby.