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Texas county combats rise in oil field waste dumping

The waste water injected into Frio County wells has increased from 620,190 barrels in 2010 to more than 10 million barrels last year, the county said.  More »

‘Gasland’ sequel accuses energy industry of corrupting government

Josh Fox galvanized the U.S. anti-fracking movement with his incendiary 2010 documentary “Gasland.” Now he’s back with a sequel — and this time, he’s targeting an audience of just one.  More »

How Obama’s climate change speech supported fracking

In his landmark speech on climate change, Pres. Obama never uttered the word “fracking.” And yet, he left little doubt on his position on the controversial oil and natural gas extraction technique.  More »

Some residents oppose Wyoming fracking study deal

Some Wyoming residents say they were excluded from a deal that has the state government taking over further study of tainted drinking water in their area from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  More »

Illinois governor signs tough fracking regulations into law

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation giving the state the nation’s strictest regulations for high-volume oil and gas drilling.  More »

Fracking fuels water fights in nation’s dry spots

In South Texas, where drought has forced cotton farmers to scale back, local water officials said drillers are contributing to a drop in the water table in several areas.  More »

FracFocus rolls out more user-friendly version

It isn’t perfect, but this month the industry-backed FracFocus website — where companies disclose information about hydraulic fracturing operations — got easier to search.  More »

Chevron CEO: Industry must address ‘legitimate concerns’ about fracking

Oil and gas producers must deal with the “legitimate concerns” that hydraulic fracturing is unsafe by adopting tougher self-imposed standards, Chevron Chief Executive Officer John Watson said in Washington.  More »

Commentary: Fracking energy mess — Deconstructing the green agenda

It has the power to ruin economies, impoverish countless millions and leave many of us, quite literally, in the dark and cold. We are not talking about alarmist theories of what the future climate may do. We are talking about what the current and ubiquitous green agenda is doing.  More »

States target hydraulic fracturing with bans, fines

As the North American natural gas boom continues, state legislators across the country have targeted hydraulic fracturing for new regulations, proposing a range of 50 bills involving bans, moratoriums and increased disclosure requirements.  More »

University seeks bids for fracking on its own land

The university says it plans to use revenue from the lease to study the effects of fracking on the environment.  More »

Fracking foes push California governor for ban

Fracking opponents have formed a united front in California, calling for a halt to the controversial oil-industry practice. And they’re trying to push a reluctant Gov. Jerry Brown — who has not yet taken a position on fracking — off the fence.  More »
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