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Fracking fuels water fights in nation’s dry spots

In South Texas, where drought has forced cotton farmers to scale back, local water officials said drillers are contributing to a drop in the water table in several areas.  More »

FracFocus rolls out more user-friendly version

It isn’t perfect, but this month the industry-backed FracFocus website — where companies disclose information about hydraulic fracturing operations — got easier to search.  More »

Chevron CEO: Industry must address ‘legitimate concerns’ about fracking

Oil and gas producers must deal with the “legitimate concerns” that hydraulic fracturing is unsafe by adopting tougher self-imposed standards, Chevron Chief Executive Officer John Watson said in Washington.  More »

Commentary: Fracking energy mess — Deconstructing the green agenda

It has the power to ruin economies, impoverish countless millions and leave many of us, quite literally, in the dark and cold. We are not talking about alarmist theories of what the future climate may do. We are talking about what the current and ubiquitous green agenda is doing.  More »

States target hydraulic fracturing with bans, fines

As the North American natural gas boom continues, state legislators across the country have targeted hydraulic fracturing for new regulations, proposing a range of 50 bills involving bans, moratoriums and increased disclosure requirements.  More »

University seeks bids for fracking on its own land

The university says it plans to use revenue from the lease to study the effects of fracking on the environment.  More »

Fracking foes push California governor for ban

Fracking opponents have formed a united front in California, calling for a halt to the controversial oil-industry practice. And they’re trying to push a reluctant Gov. Jerry Brown — who has not yet taken a position on fracking — off the fence.  More »

Californians support fracturing for its economic benefits

When told of potential economic advantages of hydraulic fracturing, 56 percent of Californians surveyed said it should be legal in the Golden State if the additional oil and gas produced from the operations was used to reduce energy and gasoline prices, according to a poll released Friday.  More »

Feds give industry, environmentalists more time to study drilling rule

U.S. regulators will give the oil industry and other stakeholders more time to weigh in on a controversial proposal to stiffen standards for wells drilled on federal lands, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell pledged Thursday.  More »

Redeployment: Battlefield engines take on oil field mission

Two companies believe they have the key to next generation of hydraulic fracturing — using retired military helicopter engines to build the pressure pump systems and running them completely on low-cost natural gas. View photos and videos of the unique technology.  More »

Oil lobby asks for more time to vet drilling standards

The oil and gas lobby is adding its voice to a growing chorus of lawmakers, environmentalists and industry representatives pleading for more time to review a proposal to stiffen standards for drilling on federal lands.  More »

Industry giant GE aims to improve fracturing

One of America’s corporate giants is investing billions of dollars in the new boom of oil and gas drilling, or fracturing.  More »
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