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Colorado compromise aims to head off fracking showdown at ballot box

WASHINGTON — A last-minute deal in Colorado is aimed at averting a ballot showdown in November over the future of hydraulic fracturing and drilling regulations in the state that threatened to strand oil industry investments and divided Democrats.  More »

US challenges oil export ban with approvals for two Texas companies

The Obama administration has cleared the way for two energy companies to sell an ultra-light variety of crude overseas after minimally processing it, a decision that tests the limits of a long-standing ban on exporting U.S. crude.  More »

TransCanada CEO ‘undeterred’ by new hurdle for Keystone XL

TransCanada Corp. officials said Thursday they are undaunted by a Nebraska court ruling that analysts widely believe will mean more delays for the Keystone XL pipeline.  More »

EPA lowers target for cellulosic biofuels in gasoline

The Obama administration on Tuesday formally told refiners to blend 16.55 billion gallons of renewable fuels into the nation’s gasoline supply this year, while paring some targets that the oil industry had criticized as too ambitious.  More »

New carbon pollution rules could still be years away

When President Barack Obama unveils his broad plan for combating climate change on Tuesday, he is expected to tout new rules to clamp down on greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.  More »

Feds give Texas project license to broadly export LNG

The Obama administration on Friday gave Freeport LNG approval to broadly export domestically harvested natural gas, marking only the second time a U.S. company has won such a license. The export license ensures that the Texas-based project will be able to liquefy natural gas produced by BP to Japan, Taiwan and other countries that do not have free-trade agreements with the United States.  More »

Feds’ fracturing rule signifies Obama’s approach to natural gas

You wouldn’t know it from the oil industry’s angry reaction, but the Obama administration’s latest plan to tighten standards for drilling on public lands gives more ground to the private sector at the expense of environmentalists who pushed for tougher protections. Analysts said that’s a fresh sign that the Obama administration supports shale gas development and the payoff that comes from increased domestic energy production.  More »

Manufacturers pushing hard against LNG exports

Manufacturers terrified that rising natural gas prices threaten their bottom line are stepping up pressure on the Obama administration to limit exports of the fossil fuel in the wake of a study that said selling more overseas would broadly benefit the United States.  More »

BP suspended from new federal contracts

The Obama administration’s decision Wednesday to take the rarely used step of barring BP from entering new federal government contracts for its role in the 2010 Gulf oil spill potentially costs the company millions while threatening the British oil giant’s stance as a major offshore energy producer and one of the military’s biggest jet fuel suppliers.  More »

Lawmakers, federal officials debate offshore permit rate

U.S. agencies’ request for more funding to hire people to help review offshore-drilling permits came front-and-center in Congress on Thursday as lawmakers, federal officials and witness continued debating the rate of approvals in the Gulf of Mexico.  More »

Bill offers no guarantees for Keystone XL pipeline

Legislation that would force President Barack Obama to make a swift decision on the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline is in jeopardy on Capitol Hill, but even if Congress clears the measure today, the project’s approval is in doubt.  More »

Feds issue record number of deep-water drilling permits in October

Government permitting of offshore drilling projects soared in October, as federal regulators signed off on the drilling of 13 deep-water wells during the month — the best record since the administration lifted a moratorium on that offshore exploration a year ago.  More »

Analysts: U.S. land drilling will boost earnings for oilfield services companies

Analysts at FBR Capital Markets announced they are increasing third-quarter earnings estimates for several oilfield services companies, but fear concerns for the general economy will overshadow the industry’s strong results.  More »

Houston-based Rowan sells land drilling division to Ensign Energy

Houston-based driller Rowan Cos. agreed today to sell its land drilling division to Ensign Energy Services Inc., a Canada-based oilfield services provider, for $510 million in cash, plus working capital of approximately $30 million.  More »

Watching the clock: New deep-water drilling could take months

Analysts predict a “long, slow road back to oil and gas drilling in federal waters” despite the administration’s just-announced plan to waive environmental reviews for some deep-water projects that were suspended last year. (Photo: Flickr/blakespot)  More »
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