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More megaprojects mean growing delays

As the oil and gas industry build a growing number of multi-billion dollar “megaprojects” each year, they face another trend: a growing number of delays.  More »

Houston’s Energy Institute thrives in inaugural year

Houston school district leaders are confident the Energy Institute — the first high school in the nation to focus on careers in oil, gas and other energy sources and technologies — will join the ranks of the city’s elite high schools and fill a crucial gap in training Houston’s energy workforce.  More »

Executives hail project agreement as significant

Executives from the North Slope’s major oil and gas companies on Wednesday hailed an agreement with the state as a major step forward in pursuing a major liquefied natural gas project.  More »

Exxon predicts fossil fuels will reign supreme through 2040

Oil and gas will provide the bulk of the energy needed to fuel the world by 2040, with most of it coming from North America, Russia and the Middle East, Exxon Mobil predicted Thursday.  More »

Population growth will drive energy demand higher, expert says

The world is becoming more efficient in how it uses energy, but growing economies and an ever increasing world population will still mean an overall growing demand for energy in the coming decades, an industry expert said Saturday.  More »

Exxon Mobil sues FX Networks over logo

Exxon Mobil Corp. sued FX Networks LLC and its studio affiliates to block their use of a logo the oil company says infringes on its interlocking XX logo.  More »

Shell pulls out of oil shale project, leaving one big operator behind

Shell is abandoning its decade-long quest to commercially extract shale oil from Colorado, leaving just one major company betting big on the future of that unconventional crude in America.  More »

Tech Talk – A Dickensian Situation Revisited

Back in March 2005, I posted my first offering to the new site that Kyle and I had agreed to call “The Oil Drum.” Now, some eight years later, this will be my final Tech Talk to appear on the site, and it is perhaps appropriate to go back to that f…  More »

Industrial growth will add pressure to Texas power grid, analysts say

Industrial expansion on the Gulf Coast and Texas shale plays will continue to push up electricity demand on the grid, according to a report issued Monday.  More »

Peak oil researcher says shale profits proving ephemeral

A prominent proponent of peak oil says that recent Big Oil profit drops for second quarter show that profitability from shale investments is more elusive than has been commonly expected.  More »

Oil companies break with trade group on renewable fuel mandate

The oil and gas industry’s top trade groups doggedly insist that Congress must completely scrap a federal mandate that forces gasoline makers to blend in ethanol and other renewable fuels. But not all oil companies are on board.  More »

Report: Keystone XL will hike gasoline prices for some US drivers

California billionaire Tom Steyer and other Keystone XL opponents pulled out another weapon in their fight against the pipeline on Tuesday, by arguing that the project would cause gasoline prices to climb by up to 40 cents per gallon in the Midwest.  More »
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