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Sinking oil prices may stifle deals, M&A expert says

With oil prices at their lowest point in years, the rate of mergers and acquisitions is slowing and oil firms are pulling back on international investments.  More »

Consultant: Young workers are ‘best hope’ for developing tech efficiency

The next generation of workers is the oil and gas industry’s “best hope” for developing more efficient practices and technologies that will reverse the tide of out-of-control spending, consultant John Westwood said Monday at the Offshore Technology Conference.  More »

China narrows gap to US in renewable-energy ranking

China closed in on the U.S. at the top of a renewable-energy ranking by consultants EY after installing record solar-power capacity last year.  More »

Private equity sees growing investment opportunities in oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is inherently capital intensive, with projects that run into the billions, making it an attractive investment for private equity firms, according to a survey released Tuesday by EY, an international professional services firm.  More »

Oil industry jobs, dealmaking expected to rise

Economic clouds have parted since last year, when the U.S. fiscal cliff loomed large over the global economy. Now many in the oil and gas industry see a strong case to buy assets and expand payrolls, according to Ernst & Young.  More »

Energy executive offices slowly diversifying, expert says

Chief executive jobs in the energy industry continue to be one of the most male-dominated positions, even when compared with finance and technology, an industry expert said Friday at the Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy and Technology in Houston.  More »

Fracking opponents find lawyers beat superglue in slowing shale

Campaigners desperate to prevent the birth of a U.K. shale-gas industry have glued themselves to walls, barricaded country lanes and climbed drill rigs. Yet their most potent weapon is more prosaic: lawyers.  More »

Climate change becoming top shareholder concern

Climate change concerns are becoming the biggest priority for shareholders, according to a study released by Ernst & Young on Tuesday morning.  More »

Large oil firms hit record U.S. spending in 2012, as profits drop

Oil and gas companies are continuing to increase their investment into North American exploration, reaching a record $185.6 billion for capital expenditures in 2012, according to a study on oil and gas reserves released on Tuesday morning.  More »

Report: Cyber security becoming top concern for energy industry

Cyberattacks and other IT security issues have become a top industry concern for the first time in the history of Ernst & Young’s recurring survey of energy executives, ranking No. 9 on the list of most important industry concerns of 2013.  More »

Natural gas price more than doubles from 2012 low

Cold temperatures, a lack of storage facilities and cutbacks in natural gas drilling are all helping push the price of natural gas well above four dollars, according to an Ernst &Young analysis released Tuesday morning.  More »

Energy industry fueled by strong M&A activity

The oil and gas sector announced an average of four deals each day in 2012, according to a report released Thursday. Oilfield services was the fastest-growing segment.  More »

Oil-friendly Texas also gives a howdy to renewables

The nation’s oil capital rose two places in the biannual Ernst & Young ranking for renewable energy, thanks to its robust wind energy program and solar energy potential.  More »

Economic concerns dampen energy growth plans

Just 36 percent of surveyed oil and gas executives had a positive outlook for corporate earnings, down from the 52 percent just six months ago, according to a global industry report.  More »

Report: U.S. oil reserves flourished in 2011

U.S. oil reserves grew 9 percent in 2011 as companies funneled billions into exploring for new deposits across the country, according to an Ernst & Young study.  More »
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